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The Orphan Movement and the Power of Film

As we’ve explored in the past in this blog, any great movement is nourished and sustained by well-crafted art.  For centuries, the very best art in the western world was […]

New Podcast on Orphan Sunday

Check out the new postcast, hot of the press from Foster Care Podcast, on Orphan Sunday.  The session features Vanessa Vasquez, National Director for the 2011 Orphan Sunday campaign, who […]

Race and Adoption

For follower of Christ, the imago dei formed in every human is infinitely more significant than one’s birthplace or skin color.  This is why Jesus shattered his culture’s ethnic bounds—from […]

Tragedy in the Horn of Africa

If you’ve caught even a glimpse of the news recently, you’ve seen the tragedy unfolding in the Horn of Africa.  Observers are already describing the famine as the most serious […]