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Wall Street Journal:  Christians Are Pro-Life After Birth, Too

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal claims, “Christians Are Pro-Life After Birth, Too.”  Its subtitle backs up the bold statement this way: “If you want to see for yourself, attend the Christian Alliance for Orphans summit.” Writer Naomi Schaefer Riley, herself Jewish, penned the piece after attending the CAFO2019 Summit last month.  It begins: […]

A CAFO2017 Special Announcement

We wanted to share a special announcement from Oklahoma Senator James Lankford addressing CAFO2017 attendees and all of you that are championing the foster and orphan care movement: We would also like to ask everyone to join us in prayer in the days leading up to Summit. Here a just a few specific prayer requests: […]

Broadcast Spotlights Vital Role of Men in Caring for Orphans

Today’s FamilyLife Today broadcast features a memorable discussion between Rick Warren, Russell Moore, Dennis Rainey and Jedd Medefind at the CAFO Summit. The conversation includes a special focus on why men — just like our wives, sisters and female friends — have a vital role to play in living out the Bible’s call to “defend […]