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The Real Issue with Pat Robertson’s Adoption Comments

Electric responses—from sorrow to anger—are lighting up blogosphere in response to comments by Pat Robertson on The 700 Club about the risk that adopted kids could turn out “weird” due to the prior abuse, medical issues and other baggage they might carry. I can’t help feeling that most all of the reactions I’ve seen, from […]

Relevant Magazine on the Church and Foster Care

The current edition of Relevant Magazine carries a great piece on the rising Christian engagement in foster care:  “Fostering Hope:  How the church is changing the face of foster care and adoption in the U.S.”   The intro is below, and you can read more on the magazine website (although a subscription is required for the […]

The “Miracle in Possum Trot” Continues to Echo

The current edition of People Magazine carries the amazing story of the little Texan town of Possum Trot.  In a community of 300, the vibrant faith of a small church and its Christ-hearted pastor embraced the children of the local foster system.  In time, more than seventy “waiting children” were adopted from the system, embraced […]

Second WORLD Article on the Expanding Orphan Care Movement

WORLD Magazine recently ran two articles on the “growing movement” of Christians caring for orphans.  The first focused on the increasing engagement of Christians in local foster care.  I loved the title of the second:  “Taking Back Orphan Care.”  It reports on the significant increases in investment by Christians in supporting care for orphans around […]

From Foster Care to Annapolis

My hometown paper this weekend carried a great column titled, “Amazing journey from foster care to Annapolis.” The CAFO blog always seeks to remind that any form of care for orphans—from adoption and foster care to global service—carries both joy and ache.  That’s certainly true.  But I’ll confess that I and others sometimes place accent […]

More Orphan Sunday Ideas from 2011 Events

Here are five more events from Orphan Sunday 2011 – fodder for your thoughts as you consider how you’ll plan your 2012 Orphan Sunday!  (See more ideas from last year’s events HERE.) “We ended up taking all of our offering for that Sunday morning and committing it to work in some way with Orphan/Foster Care.  […]