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Kay Warren Video on Summit VIII!

Kay Warren today released a great video invitation to Summit VIII.  We’re so very thankful for Kay, Pastor Rick, Elizabeth Styffe, Lynn Young, Carol Cooper and the whole Saddleback team — especially now in the final week as they prepare for the monumental task of serving as host church for Summit VIII!  

Rick Warren on the Upcoming Summit

Pastor Rick and Kay Warren and the whole team at Saddleback Church have been involved with the Christian Alliance for Orphans since its early days.  They’ve raised a clarion call to the church to take on adoption, foster and orphan care both locally and globally, and they’ve modeled that call with in action.  Describing the […]

Re-Post: The Budding Korean Orphan Care Movement

This post was only up for a day on Friday when a second post that was supposed to appear Saturday appeared…so we thought we’d re-post it for another day… My greatest prayer for the Christian orphan care movement is that, ultimately, the local church in every nation will be known as the primary answer to […]

Summit Student Conference: Destiny Rescuing Destiny

If you listen closely to young people today, you’ll hear a hunger for more than the well-padded lives that marketers, technology and even many churches continually try to sell them.  They’ll tell you they long to pursue a calling larger than themselves.  They want a vision worthy of sacrifice.  It’s the absence of such a […]

What’s Your Red Bus?

Few things are more enlivening than seeing students wake to God’s heart for the orphan.  They recognize more than just another great need; rather, they begin to sense how the God of the universe cares deeply for the world’s most destitute, and calls His people to do the same.  In that sense of God’s heart […]

Why Justice and Mercy Flow from the Gospel

The theme for Summit VIII (May 3-4 at Saddleback Church) is Justice and Mercy Flow from the Gospel.  But why is Gospel the fountainhead of justice and mercy?  Why not just “goodwill” or “duty” or “idealism”? On one level, because we’re all made in God’s image, every person holds a certain sense of justice and […]