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Snapshots of Orphan Sunday from Around the Globe

What took place around the globe on Orphan Sunday is at least as thrilling as what happened in the U.S.  This year was the first serious attempt at growing Orphan Sunday globally.  In the words of Ruslan Maliuta, who led efforts in Ukraine, “God by far exceeded our wildest expectations.”  Does that sounds hyperbolic?  Not […]

Beautiful Glimpses of Orphan Sunday I: The Orphan’s Table

Orphan Sunday 2011 was nothing short of amazing, from Kansas to Kiev.  Stories continue to roll in.  Individually, each local event carried its own beauty.  Viewed all together, they form a breathtaking tapestry of the ways God is stirring His people around the world. We’ll be sharing glimpses of this over the days ahead.  One […]

The Most Unexpected Orphan Sunday Event

Amidst the blur of final Orphan Sunday prep, a remarkable report  on one final addition to the global event map just came in from Maryland’s Regional Coordinator, Jeromy Smith.  The event will led by a man named Jamie, who is serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison.  A group of inmates will be […]

Orphan Sunday is Upon Us! (And it’s amazing to see what’s happening)

After months of anticipation, Orphan Sunday is upon us!  It’s nothing short of amazing to hear about the countless events planned across the U.S.:  families gathering around “The Orphan’s Table”…small groups watching the “Answer the Cry” DVD and discuss its implications… entire churches rallying on Sunday morning…as well as Heart Gallery showings…concerts…student events…and so much […]

Array of Great Conferences Coming Up Around the U.S.

A number of quality conferences are scheduled for the months ahead in various regions of the country .  These include: The Pure Religion Adoption & Orphan Care Conference is August 12-13 in Raleigh, NC, emphasizing both the Gospel roots of a vision for adoption and orphan care, as well as practical guidance for both personal […]

HFO Institute

As explored many times on this blog, I believe the single most significant need in the growing Christian foster care and adoption movement is growing support for families that are struggling with the challenges of caring for kids coming from difficult places. Tremendous resources and training has come from Dr. Karyn Purvis, Empowered to Connect, […]