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My Personal Favorite Responses to Summit

We’ve received much feedback since Summit.  It’s been rich and heart-lifting.  Even the criticisms have been truly constructive. But most meaningful of all for me are the notes from individuals who’ve at times been especially critical of their fellow Christians’ approach to orphan care and adoption…often with good reason.  As with any budding movement, this […]

The “Cumbre” in Mexico: True Stirrings of a Movement

The Cumbre por los Niños Marginados conference last week in Mexico left all of us who were a part of it abuzz.  It had all the markings of an early but very real movement in Mexico of Christians rising as the answer for the orphans of that nation. On the eve of Summit IX in […]

A Vision for Orphan Care & Adoption in the Church in Mexico

I’m headed south of the border today to be a small part of something big.  Hundreds of Mexican pastors and leaders will be gathering for a 2-day conference in Monterrey, Mexico to explore together God’s heart for the fatherless.  The central question:  what would it mean for the church in Mexico to fully embrace a […]

Winners of the Summit Blog Contest: A Deeply Moving Story

When we invited bloggers to share their personal stories of why they were excited about Summit, we didn’t know what to expect.  The diversity and number of posts that poured in truly lifted the hearts of the team deciding which would receive the awards for top posts. Choosing wasn’t easy, but we think you’ll find […]

Summit 2012’s Live FLT Interview with Ryan Bomberger Online Now!

Some of the most moving moments of Summit last year came during the live FamilyLife Today interviews hosted by Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine.  The broadcast of one of these aired recently:  the unforgettable interview of Ryan Bomberger. It brought tears and laughter from just about all of us who heard it live.  How Ryan’s […]

Passion for Orphans Continues to Grow in the Ukrainian Church

It’s been breathtaking to see the way God is stirring hearts in the church in Ukraine for local adoption and orphan care. As previously described, last month more than 500 Ukrainian, Russian and other believers from the region gathered in Kiev, to explore how to continue growing a vision for care for orphans within the […]