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East Africa Child Adoption Conference begins today!

Today, East Africa Christian leaders will gather to champion growth of a culture of local adoption within East African churches for children who lack families.  In partnership with CAFO, the first-of-its-kind East Africa Child Adoption Conference begins today in Nairobi, Kenya.  The vision for the conference is the very heart of the CAFO Global Movements […]

Lifesong Ukraine Indigenous Adoption/Foster Conference

The Spirit of the Lord continues to move in the hearts of believers around the world, drawing families to adopt and foster.  Recently, 20 Ukrainian adoptive families gathered together in Ukraine for Lifesong for Orphans’ semi-annual National Adoption Conference. The parents were equipped with  Empowered to Connect curriculum, and the children (62 of them!) were treated […]

In-Depth Analysis of THE CHILD CATCHERS

The book The Child Catchers has created considerable stir with its harsh criticism of the Christian orphan care movement.   We were able to offer some initial response via blog and radio interviews at the time of its release, just before Summit. But we also felt that a book making such extensive claims deserved a more […]

Guatemala Orphan Conference Inspires New Alliance!

Guest Post from David Hennessey, CAFO Director for Global Movements “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead I traveled to Guatemala City last week, for a pastors’ conference designed to inspire the Guatemalan church toward caring for Guatemalan […]

The “Cumbre” in Mexico: True Stirrings of a Movement

The Cumbre por los Niños Marginados conference last week in Mexico left all of us who were a part of it abuzz.  It had all the markings of an early but very real movement in Mexico of Christians rising as the answer for the orphans of that nation. On the eve of Summit IX in […]

Eastern European Summit

It’s been thrilling to see the growth of a truly locally-led orphan care movement in Ukraine and the surrounding countries.   As we often express, the ultimate desire of CAFO is to see the local church in every nation rise as the primary answer for the orphans in their midst. Today and tomorrow, a tremendous expression […]