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Earthy Expertise and Kingdom Goals

It’s always inspiring when individuals with special skills applying their acumen for things of eternal value.  A particularly “sweet” example of this crossed my radar this week.  Agriculture experts from Plant Sciences, Inc (based not far from me here in CA) have teamed up with other businesses to bring world-class ag science to the rich […]

Creative Ways to Mirror God’s Heart

I love seeing the creative ways Christians are reflecting God’s heart for the fatherless.  This blog highlighted a few months ago the engaged couple who decided to ask that all their wedding gifts be donated to help a family complete their adoption.  There was also the “Father and Son Bowl” flag football game and fundraiser […]

Two Great Conferences Coming Up!

Two excellent conferences are slated for the months ahead, including the National Council for Adoption (NCFA) and Adopted for Life.  The Christian Alliance for Orphans will have the privilege of participating in each of these great events. The NCFA National Adoption Conference will be July 6-9 in the Washington, DC area.  As NCFA explains, every […]

Exciting Reports from the Seed Adoption Conferences in Ethiopia

The “Seed Adoption” conferences taking place in Ethiopia began this past week.  As we’ve discussed before on this blog, I believe that although there is great need for a vast spectrum of creative ways of “caring for orphans in distress,” the single most strategic opportunity is to seed and support indigenous adoption movements among local […]

Hear “Grounded Radio” Interiew on Christians and the Orphan

Ryan Dobson and co-host Toben Heim interviewed Jedd Medefind recently on Grounded Radio, discussing how Christians are recapturing their historic reputation as “defenders of the fatherless” through adoption, foster care and global orphan initiatives.  If you missed it live, you can get it through iTunes via the June 9 podcast here.