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Washington Post Opinion Editorial on Ethiopian Orphans

A good friend and member of the Alliance’s Church Orphan Ministry Advisory Council, Johnny Carr, has an op-ed on Ethiopian orphans in the Washington Post today. The piece highlights the vast need, warning “the future of Ethiopia’s children is heading toward a crisis of epic proportion if measurable and immediate action is not taken.”  But […]

Compelling Washington Post Op-Ed on Orphans in Russia

Following the controversy over the American woman who sent her adopted son back to Russia last month, the Washington Post ran a compelling op-ed on the plight of orphans in Russia–Adopted boy’s return highlights problems in Russian orphanages. The author, chief of pediatric cardiology at the University of Massachusetts,  Darshak Sanghavi, does an excellent job […]

With Summit Days Away, New Christianity Today Article on Orphans and Adoption

Summit VI is just days away, and energy and enthusiasm for the conference is running in high gear.  Meanwhile, the featured article today from Christianity Today’s highlights orphan care and adoption vis-a-vis recent events in Haiti. The article tags Summit as a key part of the Christian orphan movement, carrying a great quote from Dr. […]

Strong Words on Caring for Orphans from Kay Warren

Kay Warren pulled no punches at the Catalyst West conference yesterday.   “If we are doing little to nothing [to care for orphans], how dare we, how dare we claim to be followers of Jesus Christ,” she said Friday. “Followers of Jesus Christ care about widows and orphans and they understand that it is a litmus […]

RESCUED: Upcoming Documentary on Haiti’s Orphans on CNN, and First at Summit

CNN is preparing to air a potent documentary on orphans in Haiti early next month.   The special, titled Rescued, will share the journey of Haitian orphans through the eyes of two children, also telling the story of American missionaries who’ve given their lives to serving Haiti’s orphans.  The stories and imagery are sure to stir […]

Human Trafficking in the Spotlight as Tom Davis Travels

I’ve noticed recently that orphan advocates are becoming increasingly aware of the interlink between orphans and human trafficking.  The simple reality is that a child that does not have the protection and provision provided by parents will be highly vulnerable to the deception, coercion and outright capture that can lead to modern forms of slavery.  […]