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Detained Orphans and Alternatives to Adoption

It’s a relief to hear that the group of six Haitian orphans stopped this week while leaving for their adoptive families in the U.S. will be in their new homes soon.  One line from today’s AP story on the matter particularly struck me: “Police briefly detained the women [who’d been accompanying the children] and the […]

The Families for Orphans Act

The Families for Orphans Act is currently before key committees in the U.S. House and Senate.  This bill would create a special office in the U.S. State Department charged with making sure that U.S. foreign aid policies and funds consistently emphasize the goal of ensuring children grow up in families.  The office would promote initiatives […]

HORT Set to Launch

Join your prayers this weekend with the HORT Team as it begins its initial 2-week deployment to Haiti on Valentine’s Day.  (See here for other ways you can be involved as well.) It’s thrilling to see the ways so many Christian Alliance for Orphan s’ organizations and churches joining their strengths in this initiative.   It […]

CT Interview with Michelle Bond on Haitian Orphans

If you haven’t seen it yet, Christianity Today’s interview with the U.S. State Department’s Michelle Bond is worthy reading for anyone weighing how best to care for Haiti’s orphans.  Overall, the perspective Bond articulates is wise and well-balanced.  She explains why adoption cannot be a primary focus immediately, why adoption isn’t the ultimate solution for […]

HORT Highlighted on Yahoo! News

The strategic efforts of the the H.O.R.T. initiative, set for initial deployment to Haiti on February 14, have been picked up by Yahoo! News.   It will be exciting to see how this  joint initiative of Christian Alliance for Orphans’ member organizations, by focusing on church-centered response and recovery efforts, will help shape the discussion around […]

Webinar Series: How to Help Haiti…Without Hurting It

With all the discussion of misguided efforts to help in Haiti, the Chalmers Center at Covenant College is stepping forward with what will almost certainly be a tremendously helpful webinar series to help churches, relief agencies, and individuals think through how to best help the Haitian people to take ownership of the rebuilding process. From […]