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Webinar Series: How to Help Haiti…Without Hurting It

With all the discussion of misguided efforts to help in Haiti, the Chalmers Center at Covenant College is stepping forward with what will almost certainly be a tremendously helpful webinar series to help churches, relief agencies, and individuals think through how to best help the Haitian people to take ownership of the rebuilding process. From […]

Anguishing Snapshot of Haiti’s Ache: Take My Child

An article in yesterday’s Miami Herald captures one particularly heart-breaking edge of Haiti’s pain:  the anguish of parents who feel they have no capacity to care for their own children.  Even as the first hints of “compassion fatigue” start to show and news programs flash images of Haiti a bit less frequently with each day, […]

HORT: A Chance to Serve Haiti’s Orphans for the Long-Haul

As Haiti’s crisis unfolds, of top priority for the Christian Alliance for Orphans is to promote immediate response while also encouraging commitments that will last long after the TV cameras have turned to other matters. The Haiti Orphan Relief Team (HORT) is a collaborative effort of Alliance member organizations to do just this, with focus […]

Strong on Zeal, Thin in Knowledge

Read today’s Chrisitanity Today guest editorial from Alliance President Jedd Medefind on the Idaho Christian group arrested for taking orphans out of Haiti without authorization. Newswires buzzed recently with reports that a group of ten Americans from an Idaho-based Christian charity were arrested trying to transport 33 Haitian children into the Dominican Republic contrary to […]

Haiti, Orphans and A Long-Term Response

For many Christians stirred by Haiti’s pain, the most significant response will be one that lasts beyond the current crisis.  Every available resource should be focused on emergency care for now—but a deeper test of our concern will come over months ahead. Individuals who want to how ordinary people can make a lasting difference for […]

The Rising Conflict Over Haitian Orphans and Adoption

Over the weeks ahead and beyond, we can expect a rising conflict over the issue of adoption and Haitian orphans. On one side will be those emphasizing large-scale models of response to human need led by government and globe-spanning NGOs.  While affirming international adoption in theory (at least as a “last resort”), these groups often […]