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Setting Realistic Expectations in Foster Care

One of our daughters broke her arm this week going down a slide (or rather falling off a slide). She is 11-years-old and is the thrill-seeker in the family.  Shortly after her first birthday, she’d found a way to climb up on the kitchen counters (to feast on the leftovers of a large sheet cake).  […]

Broccoli and Ballet: When Things that Aren’t Your Thing Become Your Thing

I was sitting at dinner last night eating, among other things, a pile of broccoli (the 11-year-old me would definitely say I’ve sold out).  While we were eating, one of my daughters was showing us the new ballet moves she learned in dance class. I’ve never completely gotten ballet.  I mean I definitely get that […]

My Biggest Valentine’s Day Regret

The last couple of days our kids have been working on preparing their valentines and building personalized boxes to collect cards from their classmates.   I got involved in the creation of the boxes, and am pleased to report that a power tool was involved. However, working with the kids to prepare valentines always carries a […]

How Potluck Dinners Can Make Us Better Foster Care Advocates

I grew up in small Kansas town in a fairly traditional church setting.   Those two factors combined meant, among other things, that you could always count on a good potluck dinner served several times a year. I would have assumed then that the potluck was a universal practice. I’ve since learned in talking to others […]