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The Birth of Phoebe Hope

Last night, Rachel and I welcomed our fifth child into God’s world.  Phoebe Hope Medefind arrived with a full head of dark hair, robust lungs and sparkling eyes.  Early this morning, as mother and child slept, I reflected in my journal on the marvel and trial of birth: Our world, at its core, is both […]

Hungry Students

The day after we announced the Destiny Rescuing Destiny Student Conference, I got an email that made my day from a father in Washington state.  If anything can confirm the truth of yesterday’s blog post, (“If you listen closely to young people today, you’ll hear a hunger…”) here it is.  The email read: I received […]

Glimpses of the Movement, from Arizona to Virginia

One of the very best parts of this work is getting so many windows into the myriad ways the Christian orphan movement is growing across the U.S. and beyond.  The Together for Adoption Conference in Arizona last week was full to the brim in that regard (and many other ways, too!) I heard again and […]

Unforgettable Video from Ukraine

The Orphan Sunday campaign in Ukraine is on fire, with excellent leadership from the team at Ukraine Without Orphans. They’ve just released a film that weaves an unforgettable story in a 3-minute film.  You don’t need to speak Russian to be deeply moved.  Although the Ukraine team’s message often emphasizes the real costs that can […]