Church Ministry Essentials

Module 1:

Leading Teams and Managing Volunteers

The sustainability of your ministry is only as strong as the team that’s leading it. In this module, you will explore various dynamics of building and leading a ministry team, as well as the unique complexities and opportunities that come with managing volunteers.

In this module, we will explore the following topics:

Three Key Roles of a Leader

How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

FAQ’s About Forming a Leadership Team

How Do I Approach My Church Leadership?

Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers

Module Resources

Below is a curated collection of some of the best resources on leading teams and managing volunteers. These resources are intended to serve you, not overwhelm you. Do not feel the pressure to work through all of them, but use them in a way that best helps you grow. For some modules it might mean plowing through them all, for others it might mean focusing on just a few!

Module 1: Leading Teams and Managing Volunteers

An interview with Laura Mobley, Director of Foster Care and Adoption at Traders Point Community Church (Indiana)

Watch as Jason and Laura discuss the unique nuances of building a leadership team for your ministry, establishing clear roles and responsibilities, empowering people in those roles and effectively managing volunteers.

Laura Mobley

Director of Foster Care and Adoption, Traders Point Church (Indianapolis)

My passion is to inspire and equip families and the local church to defend the cause of the fatherless so that God’s people live on mission and lean into the only One who can sustain them in the journey. This space was created for church ministry leaders to start or grow their ministry, because I believe the local church is the answer to the crisis.


How to Start a Movement

A short Ted-talk with a unique perspective from an unlikely place on leadership, followers and movement.

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

A powerful discovery of why people care more about “why” you do what you do than just “what” or “how” you do it.

How to Handle a Church Leader Who Doesn't "Get It"

Practical tips on communicating with church leaders who might not be fully on-board with a foster care ministry.

The Starfish and The Spider

Exploring the difference between centralized and decentralized leadership structures – and identifying the strengths and pitfalls of both.


Leadership with Lesli Reece

The Fostering Church Podcast

In episode 6 of The Fostering Church Podcast, the Jasons talk with Lesli Reece who is on staff at NorthPoint Church in Atlanta, GA as the Director of the Fostering Together Ministry. Lesli not only has an extensive background in leadership within the local church setting, but her years in marketplace management prior to her role at Northpoint proved to inform and shape how she would build teams, manage volunteers and work to shape and grow the ministry within the larger context of the church as a whole.

Six Types of Leaders, Part 1

The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

In this podcast, Craig identifies different types of leaders and the followers they create. Plus, he’ll share how each kind of leader can grow. Each episode includes a downloadable leader guide.

Six Types of Leaders, Part 2

The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

In this podcast, Craig identifies different types of leaders and the followers they create. Plus, he’ll share how each kind of leader can grow. Each episode includes a downloadable leader guide.

Decision Making

Church Leadership Podcast from Watermark Community Church

A conversation with church leaders, for church leaders. This episode focuses on questions that church leaders should be asking when making decisions.

The Key to Attracting and Engaging Amazing Volunteers

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Why do some leaders attract and keep amazing volunteers while others don’t? Sue Miller who effectively led volunteers for several decades shares the pivotal differences between teams that are winning and teams that are losing when it comes to volunteers.

Responsibility vs. Authority

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

In this episode, Andy and Lane take a look at the tricky relationship between responsibility and authority. In a healthy organization, your responsibility will always exceed your authority.


Hero Making Practices 

Five essential practices of leaders who multiply leaders.

Ten Surprising Things Great Leaders Do Differently

The number one secrets to leadership from some of the top leaders in the world.

Five Lessons in Leadership

To grow our leadership skills, it doesn’t matter what your role may be with in your organization. We all have the opportunity to learn from these lessons in leadership.

Creating and Curating a Recruiting Culture

Finding, keeping and celebrating the right kinds of volunteers for your ministry.

Everyone Can Do Something

Chapter 1: Building Healthy Leadership

The importance of building a leadership team early on in the ministry cannot be overstated. No one person, or couple, can carry the weight of the ministry long-term alone. A team is required, however formal or informal you choose to set it up. This chapter discusses leadership principles including establishing teams, managing volunteers, communicating with broader church leadership and more!

Action Guides and Exercises


Leading Teams and Managing Volunteers Action Guide

Explore questions to consider about your current leadership and team structure and identify some next steps to take.


Create an Organizational Leadership Chart

A practical exercise for you and/or your team to walk through might be to outline your current leadership structure in the ministry, paying special attention to any aspects which might be unclear, inefficient or missing. As a team, then consider what  your ideal leadership structure might look like and identify some practical next steps you can take to begin moving in that direction.

Resource Spotlight

This module’s resource spotlight is a book by Clay Scroggins, one of the Lead Pastor’s of North Point Community Church in the Atlanta area. He writes about his years serving in leadership roles underneath other great leaders, and the unique challenges and opportunities that come with “leading when you’re not in charge.” It’s highly relevant to the positions in which many of us are serving in our church contexts.

How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

One of the greatest myths of leadership is that you must be in charge in order to lead. Great leaders don’t buy it. Great leaders lead with or without the authority and learn to unleash their influence wherever they are.

With practical wisdom and humor, Clay Scroggins will help you nurture your vision and cultivate influence, even when you lack authority in your organization. And he will free you to become the great leader you want to be so you can make a difference right where you are. Even when you’re not in charge.

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