Church Ministry Essentials

Module 2:

The Gospel is Our "Why"

The words we say are important; so is how we say them, when we say them and to whom we say them. In this module you will explore how to communicate the gospel with clarity and conviction as you disciple those in your church to move towards hard places and broken people.

In this module, we will explore the following topics:

A Gospel-Centered Theology of “Why” 

How to Increase Clarity and Decrease Anxiety 

The “Should” vs. “Can” Principle 

Three Principles to Consider When Launching and Leading 

The Art of Scaling Your Vision 

Building a Communications “Drip” Strategy

Module Resources

Below is a curated collection of some of the best resources on leading teams and managing volunteers. These resources are intended to serve you, not overwhelm you. Do not feel the pressure to work through all of them, but use them in a way that best helps you grow. For some modules it might mean plowing through them all, for others it might mean focusing on just a few!



The Gospel is Our "Why"

An interview with Renaut van der Riet, adoptive father and Senior Pastor of Mosaic Church in Orlando, FL.

Watch as Jason and Renaut discuss how pastors can effectively communicate God’s heart for caring for the vulnerable to their churches. 

Articulating a Compelling Message

An interview with Carly Souza, Director of Fostering Hope (Las Vegas) and Jailynn Smiley, Director of Family Recruitment at CK Family Services (Dallas)

Watch as Jason, Carly and Jailynn discuss how the gospel compels and sustains people into the work of caring for families and children.


Biblical Foundations for Orphan Care

Tony Merida on the theology of the Gospel and orphan care and its implications on our lives individually, and as a church.

Story: Because He First Loved Us

As a single woman on the journey of foster care, Becca constantly looked to Jesus’ example of following the Lord with obedience.

A Pure and Undefiled Reflection

A full-length sermon on the gospel and how it invites “everyone to do something” in the lives of the most vulnerable around us.

Moving Towards the Hard and Broken

While the world is saying avoid everything that’s hard and difficult and potentially painful, the gospel says something entirely different.


Communication with Kondo Simfukwe

The Fostering Church Podcast

In episode 3 of The Fostering Church Podcast, the Jasons talk with Kondo Simfukwe, the Pastor at Mission Point Community Church in Winona Lake, IN.  Kondo consistently communicates God’s heart for the vulnerable and the unique opportunities there are to live that out by supporting the foster care community.

God's Heart for Families in Crisis and Your Role

The Forgotten Podcast

Vermon Pierre understands foster care because not only does he live it as a foster parent, but he is leading his church and community to think about foster care through the lens of the gospel. And what is at the heart of the gospel message? Redemption and Restoration.

A Pastor's Persistence; God's Provision

The Forgotten Podcast

Pastor Tony Karnes was simply trying to prepare for a sermon series, but God had greater things in store for him AND for hundreds of kids and families in his community.

When a Church Embraces the Foster Care System

The Send Relief Podcast

As the pastor of Redland Baptist Church and Director of Camp Rock, Jay has seen first-hand what a church’s impact has on the lives of children in foster care. Listen to some of Jay’s stories and learn how you can make a difference in foster and adoption ministries.

Articles + PDFs

Foster Care as the Way of Christ

Foster care provides daily reminders of our need for the gospel.

PDF: What’s Your Why?

Articulating a gospel-centered, identity-driven vision for your ministry.

PDF: Three Principles to Consider

Three key principles to consider, and common pitfalls to avoid, not only when starting a new ministry but also leading and expanding an existing one.

Orphanology: A Conversation with Tony Merida

At the heart of orphan care is grace – grace that flows from Christ’s redemptive work on the cross.

Everyone Can Do Something

Chapter 4: Articulating a Compelling Message

In the flurry of all the things that come with implementing and leading ministries, one of the most critically important yet often overlooked components of ministry leadership is establishing clear and compelling messaging. What are we going to say? How are we going to say it? Why are we going to say it that way? How often are we going to say it? Who is going to say it? Who are we going to say it to? These are crucial questions leaders and teams must be clear on as they lead and grow their ministries.  

Action Guides and Exercises


Articulating a Compelling Message

Outline your ministry’s messaging and communication strategies, and identify some next steps to take.


"Scripting" the Vision of Your Ministry

Write a “script” of the vision of your ministry. Think of it this way – Someone directly involved in your ministry gets up on stage at church and is given 60-seconds to communicate the vision of your ministry, how to get involved and what next steps people can take. What do they say? 

Use the four questions to the right as the framework for how you will clarify your who you are speaking to, what problem you are helping to address, the solutions your ministry offers and next steps people can take to get involved.

Who is your audience?

What problem are they encountering?

How does your ministry help them overcome that problem?

What next steps can they take?

Resource Spotlight

This module’s resource spotlight is a book by Tony Merida and Rick Morton. They write extensively about the theology of our “why” and how pastors and leaders can practically plan how they will communicate the gospel to their churches. It’s a theology-rich and practically-relevant resource that is both educational and helpful. 

Orphanology: Awakening to Gospel-Centered Adoption and Orphan Care

Foster care, adoption, orphan care and family support are expressions of practical Christianity because they are expressions of the heart and love of God.

Tony Merida and Rick Morton bring that message home loud and clear. This book is simple and straightforward. It is also insightful and practically helpful as you continually work to communicate God’s heart for the vulnerable to those in your church. 

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