Church Ministry Essentials

Module 7:

"More Than Enough" Movement Building

When it comes to big problems, real and lasting solutions require everyone heading in the same direction. We are better together. Better at maximizing resources, optimizing our efforts and impacting the lives of children and families. Your church can do some things, but it doesn’t have to do everything. This is where the power of collaboration comes in and the opportunity for true, lasting movement is discovered.

In this module, we will explore the following topics:

The Power of Collaboration

Local Network Building

Movement vs. Activity

Steps to Building Organizational Trust

Church Assessment Tool

Module Resources

Below is a curated collection of some of the best resources on foster care movement building. These resources are intended to serve you, not overwhelm you. Do not feel the pressure to work through all of them, but use them in a way that best helps you grow. For some modules it might mean plowing through them all, for others it might mean focusing on just a few!



Working Towards "More Than Enough" for Children and Families

A discussion on collaboration and movement with Jason Weber, CAFO's Director of the National Foster Care Initiative

Watch as “the Jasons” discuss collaboration, movement and local network building for the sake of seeing “more than enough” for children and families in foster care.


More Than Enough - CAFO2019

Watch as Jason Weber shares the More Than Enough vision for the first time to the CAFO community.

More Than Enough Promo, Option 1

A simple promo video to use for your More Than Enough Vision.

It's Smarter to Travel in Groups

A fun video about the power of working together.

More Than Enough Promo, Option 2

A simple promo video to use for your More Than Enough Vision.


Introduction: 6 Pillars of Foster Care Ministry

The Fostering Church Podcast

This limited series is specifically designed to help you grow your church’s foster care ministry – no matter where you are on the journey. In each episode you’ll hear Jason Johnson and Jason Weber talk with a real-life church ministry leader about some foundational elements of what it means to be a “fostering church”. You’ll gain insight on where to focus your efforts and the encouragement you need to help you take your next best steps forward.

Adjustment vs. Change

The More Than Enough Podcast

For decades, the Palmer Home for Children had been known in Mississippi for its role as a traditional, residential home, but in recent years, the leadership of Palmer Home began to discuss the best way to provide for children and started to re-think their organization’s original model. As Drake Bassett and his team started to expand their approach to include a focus on family strengthening and foster care, it made a way for families like Amy’s to become invested and involved in the lives of the children that Palmer Home cares for. Palmer Home’s story demonstrates the importance of making big changes, despite what has always been done, to act in the best interest of the child.

Until There's More Than Enough

Orphans No More Podcast

Jason Weber, National Director of Foster Care Initiatives at Christian Alliance For Orphans (CAFO), states that two of the most common words associated with foster care in the U.S. are “not enough.” Not enough resources to meet all of the needs; Not enough support for struggling biological, kinship, foster, and adoptive families; Not enough families for kids who need them. According to Weber, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are easily more than enough resources, support, and families in every community to solve the national foster care crisis.

Rooting for Rivals with Authors Peter Greer & Chris Horst

The More Than Enough Podcast

We are joined by Peter Greer and Chris Horst as they share about their book, Rooting for Rivals, and discuss the importance of collaboration and unity. Peter and Chris recount various stories from non-profit organizations across the country as well as their own leadership experiences that demonstrate the multiplying power of working alongside, rather than against, one another. They also offer several practical steps toward better collaboration among non-profit leaders, churches, and individuals who are all committed to providing more than enough for kids and families in their local communities.

Articles + PDFs

More Than Enough Foster and Kinship Families

Foster care at its core is about helping to ensure the well-being of children who have been abused or neglected.   It’s no secret that children need more than just food and shelter which is why we no longer rely on the orphanage model of care in this country.  Children need nurturing, belonging, and felt safety. It’s not enough to aim for enough “beds” for every child in care. Just because a bed is available, doesn’t mean it is a good environment for every child coming into care.  When we talk about there being more than enough foster and kinship families for every child to have an ideal placement, what do we mean when we say “ideal”?  We have to start with the simple but profound question, “What is best for kids?”

More Than Enough Adoptive Families

People often ask what we can do about the problem of such large numbers of young people aging out of the system each year.  And while there are some amazing programs out there for youth that have aged out, my answer is always the same: If you really want to address the problem of youth aging out of foster care at 18 or 21, then we have to do what it takes to make sure they have a loving adoptive family when they are 11.  When the churches in your county start providing more than enough adoptive homes for every child who needs one,  your county will no longer have an aging out problem.

More Than Enough Help for Biological Families

When the church really began to revisit its role in taking care of vulnerable children in recent years, most people could get behind the idea of adoption and foster parenting (or at least behind the idea of other people in the church adopting and fostering).  Where we have lagged behind public child welfare over the last 15 years (and thankfully are now catching up) is this idea of restoring and reunifying families. The truth is, if there is any concept that we in the Church should have been embracing all along, it is this one.

More Than Enough Support for Foster, Kinship, Adoptive and Biological Families

More than enough wrap-around support for foster, kinship, adoptive, and biological families would mean that NO ONE walks through foster care alone.  When said that way, it seems like it should be a non-negotiable.  No one should ever have to navigate something so difficult, so heartbreaking, so worthy, and so beautiful all alone.

Everyone Can Do Something

Chapter 7, "Growing a Foster Care Movement Where You Live"

Over the last two decades, some new things related to child welfare have emerged from communities of faith around the country. They are grassroots, collaborative efforts that started outside of the system in the context of local churches but could not have achieved the effectiveness they have without partnership with the system. They are intensely local and comparatively inexpensive. Most importantly, they are getting incredible results.

Action Guides and Exercises


More Than Enough Movement Building

Exploring six key pillars of a church foster care ministry.


Complete the "More Than Enough" Church Assessment

If 10% of churches in every county in the country were actively engaged in foster care,  it’s likely that there would be more than enough for kids and families before, during and beyond foster care.

So, how engaged is your church?  Take the More Than Enough Church Foster Care Assessment to find out! Each assessment provides a customized report that helps you review your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to better serve children and families before, during and beyond foster care.

Resource Spotlight

The words “NOT ENOUGH” are heard every day inside of our nation’s foster care system . . .

Not enough resources. Not enough support. Not enough families.

But it doesn’t have to be that way where you live. If you were to find and effectively collaborate with the right people, your county could go from “not enough” to “more than enough.” This book will help you lay the essential groundwork to see that happen.

Until There’s More Than Enough: Working Together to Transform Foster Care Where You Live

If you were to find and effectively collaborate with the right people, your county could go from “not enough” to “more than enough.” This book will help you lay the essential groundwork to see that happen. Gleaning from the experience of dozens of government, nonprofit, and faith leaders from across the country, Until There’s More than Enough represents a set of principles and practices that will help advocates, churches, and organizations in your community work together to transform foster care. More than enough for kids and families before, during, and beyond foster care can happen where you live. Believe it’s possible. Do your part. Do it together.

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