Foster and Adoptive
Family Profile

Community and connection are essential to the success of a family’s foster care or adoption journey.

Generally speaking, the idea of "supporting" foster and adoptive families is often isolated to those seasons of their journey when they have a child placed in their home. However, the difficulty of the front-end process of foster care and adoption is often overlooked. In reality, the burden of home studies, paperwork, interviews, training, etc., can sometimes be overwhelming enough to cause people to quit.

Families need support and encouragement just as much during this time of preparation as they do when they are bringing a child into their home.

That's what this resource is designed to help you do!

What is the Family Profile?

This profile is a tool that allows your church or organization to get to know your foster and adoptive families early in their journeys. The comprehensive inventory includes questions ranging from ‘What is your family’s favorite restaurant?’ to ‘What kinds of tangible needs or household tasks would be most helpful to you?’ to ‘How can we be praying for you and your family?’. With this information, your ministry can identify a variety of unique ways to serve and encourage these families as they take their next best steps towards fostering or adopting.

Why Use the Profile?

Two primary benefits of using the profile include: First, it gives families an early "taste" of what it feels like to be supported on this journey. Knowing that they're not alone and people are there to help them will motivate them to continue on through the process. Likewise, it's often the case that people are ready to serve and support families but those families still have months of training and "process" to go through before a child is placed in their home. What do the volunteers do in the meantime? This resource allows them to jump in immediately in supporting families -- and not simply wait until those families have children in their home.

How to Use The Family Profile

Consider distributing the profile to families to be filled out and returned at their first point of interest in starting the foster care or adoption process. This could be an orientation class, a training event, or your equivalent of a “we’re in and ready to start” point. The intent is to gather the information from the family as early on in their journey as possible in order to provide the most thorough level of support and care for them as they take their next steps.

Feel free to print, edit or fully customize the Family Profile using the files below in whatever ways best serve your ministry…

Family Profile Form

Simply download this fillable family profile form and add your logo.

Family Profile:
An Overview

This document helps to explain what the family profile is, why it is important, and how your church or organization can use this tool effectively.

Fully Editable & Customizable
Family Profile

Use the text in this document as a base to build your own customized family profile.
"The Family Profile Resource has been such a beneficial tool in my role in leading the adoptive/foster ministry at my church. I've used the information collected to encourage a family with writing them a note of encouragement in light of a recent prayer request they shared or dropping off their favorite coffee drink or meal. I now ask every family to fill out a Profile when they start the adoptive/foster process. This valuable information has made my job much easier to know tangibly how to care for the family."


Forever Hope Orphan Care, Calvary Church
Grand Rapids, Michigan

A special thank you to Fostering Family, a CAFO member organization in Houston committed to strengthening foster/kinship families and the communities that surround them through training and collaboration. This resource was largely inspired by their work.