Give 15 minutes a Week to Start a Prayer Call In Your State

Many states have launched a 15-minute weekly prayer call already and many others are very close to being able to do so, but need your help to get started!

Here are the basics:

  • Each call is hosted by a minimum of 4 people who have signed the Foster Care Prayer Call prayer covenant online form below
  • In addition to praying for state and local requests, prayer call participants will also be provided with a weekly email prayer guide for national requests.
  • Each call will start and “officially” end on time. Participants will spend 15 minutes in prayer together. However, hanging out on the line after the prayer call to talk or share prayer requests is definitely encouraged!

If you would like to start a prayer call in your state, there are 4 easy steps:


Fill out the form below indicating your commitment to the 6-month Foster Care Prayer Call prayer covenant.


Challenge others to commit to joining you as one of the 4 prayer call leaders on a weekly basis.


Once a minimum of 4 people representing at least 2 different organizations/ churches from your state have signed the prayer covenant, you will be notified and provided a conference call number.


We will send you weekly prayer requests and you will begin praying with your 3 co-leaders and others for God to provide MORE THAN ENOUGH for the kids and families in foster care in your state.

Scroll to bottom of form for FAQs

Q: Does everyone on the call have to sign the Foster care 15 prayer covenant?

A: No. The prayer covenant is only required for the 4 call leaders from each state. Anyone is welcome to join the prayer calls anytime they wish.


Q: Why do we need 4 leaders willing to sign the Prayer Covenant in order to start a Foster Care 15 prayer call?

A: Our experience has shown us that sustaining a prayer conference call like this is best done in the context of a community of at least 4 people.


Q:   Why can’t all 4 leaders be from my organization or church?

A:   One of our highest values in the CAFO National Foster Care Initiative is unity and collaboration. We believe these are necessary for real movement to take place and we want our prayer calls to exemplify this value.


Q: What if the people from our state want to pray together more than once a week?

A: Awesome. Let’s talk about how to make that happen! Email us at