Welcome to the Barnyard!

On July 30 1988, 344 people worked together to move a barn to dry ground, solving a BIG problem on a little farm outside of Bruno, Nebraska. Today, there are thousands throughout the country working together on behalf of kids and families in foster care. We need your help, so come on over, grab a corner of the barn, and lift!

And Help Support the CAFO National Foster Care Initiative

Nominated as a 2018 Christian Book Award finalist, Herman and the Flooding Barn is a children’s book about 344 people working together to solve a big, big, big problem.  AND it’s illustrated by 344 kids, adoptive and foster parents, child welfare professionals, pastors, organizational leaders, recording artists, and authors who are all counting on the power of unity to bring hope to over 400,000 kids in foster care.  The animals can’t wait to meet you! 100% of royalties go to support the CAFO National Foster Care Initiative.

Great for Any Classroom!

The Farmer Herman and the Flooding Barn Classroom Kit will equip you or any teacher, volunteer, or homeschooler to lead a group of young’uns through a meaningful discussion about biblical unity and how you can work together to address the needs of children in your community who need families to take care of them.

Each Classroom Kit Contains: 

  • 1 Copy of Farmer Herman and Flooding Barn
  • 1 Copy of the Classroom Leaders Guide
  • 20 Copies of a take-home 3-night family devotional

To order a refill pack of 20 additional copies of the take-home devotional, The Barnyard Guide to Doing BIG Things Together, click here.

Learn how you fit in foster care!

Moving the Barn for kids and families in foster care involves a LOT more than simply being a foster parent or adopting.  If you are wanting to know how you, your family and your church can make a HUGE difference for kids and families, we’ve pulled together a page of great ideas and resources just for you!

About the Illustrators

Every picture in the book (and the devotional guides) was contributed by one of 344 kids, adoptive and foster parents, child welfare professionals, pastors, leaders, recording artists, and authors.  Every drawing was done in pen and Artist Kaylinn Strock colored and shaded each one.  Illustrators include Jars of Clay, Andrew Peterson, Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Mary Beth Chapman, Dr. Karyn Purvis, Randall Goodgame, John Luke Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and many others.

About the Author

Jason Weber is passionate about helping people solve big problems by working together. Jason and his wife, Trisha, have been caring for children from U.S. foster care since 2001, including adopting their five children from foster care. Jason has helped to produce and write several books, Bible studies, and other tools created to serve the church as it cares for hurting kids. Jason serves as the National Director of Foster Care Initiatives for the Christian Alliance for Orphans and currently lives in Plano, Texas.

About CAFO

The Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) unites over 180 respected organizations and a global network of churches. Our joint initiatives inspire and equip Christians to care for orphans and vulnerable children.  The National Foster Care Initiative is one expression of CAFO’s work that unites foster care organizations, churches, and advocates from across the country to make a bigger difference together than any one of us could make on our own. To learn more about the difference you can make in foster care in your community, visit CAFO.org/FosterMovement.

About the Publisher

The mission of Broadstreet Publishing Group is to create meaningful, inspirational products that share God’s truth with quality, beauty, and creativity.  BroadStreet publishes biographies, Majestic Expressions adult coloring books, The Passion Translation of the Bible, Christian living, fiction, devotionals, and Bible promise books. BroadStreet also publishes women’s journals, devotional journals, and planners under its Belle City Gifts imprint.  To learn more, visit broadstreetpublishing.com.