Internship Program

CAFO’s educational internship program provides real work experience that makes a difference for orphans and foster youth…and your future.

Internships are managed daily by the CAFO Leadership Team. So you’ll get to serve alongside and learn from professionals who are experts in the field, joining in a movement with impact all over the world.

Our remote office arrangement allows committed, talented individuals to serve with highly flexible hours and location.

We view your work as an intern as your investment – not only for your own personal and professional development, but also for God’s kingdom. We view our work with you as an investment, too – building up a future champion for vulnerable children.

Availability & Length

The Christian Alliance for Orphans Internship Program is designed for students currently enrolled in College/University.

Internships are available in Fall, Spring, and Summer

Duration is 12 weeks with flexible start and end dates

Most internships are part-time (21-24 hours per week)


Open Internship Opportunities

Research & Communications Internship

Research & Content Internship

Graphic Design & Social Media Internship