OVC Essentials Certificate

OVC Essentials provides an experience of shared learning, critical and foundational knowledge, and personal enrichment to interns, students, young leaders, church staff and volunteer leaders and a variety of others at the start of their journey in caring for the orphan and vulnerable child.

Our goal is to lay a foundation for lifelong service to vulnerable children - from professional work to volunteer ministry to family life - while allowing you to connect with others who share your passion.

Here's What Students Have to Say


"This course continues to make my head and heart hurt in the best way possible, and what I appreciate most is how all of this material brings me to my knees in desperate need of God's truth and guidance to reign supreme for all of us involved in this painful blessing of OVC care."


"I'm so impressed by the others in the class who are working in the field, and love to hear their input."


"At the end of the week I end up wanting more content and wanting to learn more about each of the subjects. The content you have given us has made me uncomfortable in a good and healthy way that has made me desire to learn more and think more deeply."


"It's so good and just really encouraging being in this course. It's a relief to hear about other people’s experiences and know that the journey is possible."



Young leaders from around the globe, serving in a variety of capacities, will learn together and create a community of informed advocates.


10-weeks focused on OVC Essential topics: poverty alleviation, adoption, foster care, short-term missions, family preservation and family-based care, trauma and attachment, cultivating an inner life and more!


Weekly assignments consist of readings, videos, and audio content to digest, as well as participation in online forum, Q&A calls with experts and leaders in the field, and journal responses.


Upon completion, earn a CAFO OVC Essentials Certificate - a notable addition to a resume, something to share with future employers and professors, and a significant personal accomplishment.