Research & Communication Internship

About the Aging Out Initiative

The Aging Out Initiative helps older orphans and foster children that age-out of care. The Research and Communication Internship will be within the Aging Out Initiative of CAFO.

The trends are heart breaking: homelessness, substance abuse, trafficking, crime and incarceration await many who lack adequate support networks.

We believe that the Church is called to step into that gap, opening doors to promising futures for these children through holistic life transition programs including:

1) Life Skills Training,

2) Spiritual Care and Mentoring,

3) Transitional Housing,

4) Career development; and

5) Lifelong Church and Community Support Networks.

The Aging Out Initiative works to identify and share successful models from CAFO member organizations that show how the Church can help create healthy life transitions for those aging out of international orphan care and U.S. foster care.

The Internship

This internship will provide a student with a substantive experience that allows him/her to develop unique expertise in one of the most vital areas of international orphan care, and U.S. Foster care. Responsibilities will include:

  1. Research CAFO Member organizations that are doing successful work for children Aging-Out.
  2. Create short blurbs about those organizations’ programs to share with other organizations.
  3. Social media campaigns to share working case studies.
  4. Research and comprise case studies and statistics in US (Foster Youth) and internationally on children aging-out.
  5. Create a “research” section of site that provides data from various key studies on this population. Assist in the revamping of web site materials to include a domestic and international resource library.
  6. Internship is 10-20 hours a week depending on candidate’s availability.


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