Shifting From Awareness to Action


The "Shifting from Awareness to Action" cohort will begin in January 2021, with a small group of five networks. Join other global leaders and we learn and grow together in the areas of Monitoring and Evaluation.

Purpose and Goals

The cohort will provide mutual learning with a small group of peer leaders. Leaders will walk through the lessons of the Monitoring and Evaluation course together and prepare one another for facilitating the development of Theories of Change, Logic Models, Timeline and Quarterly Goals with their Board/key Stakeholders

  • Have developed a draft of the Theory of Change, Logic Model and 2020 Timeline that is appropriate for their country/network and that the Board is committed to approving a final version within 3 months (if they haven’t done so already). These include specific “next-step” actions they are hoping to achieve for their local champions (Christians in participating churches, NGO and ministry leaders, advocates and authorities), as well as the indicators and measurements to know if they are achieving success.
  • Have a draft Quarterly Goals for Q2 2020
  • Agree to gather together quarterly through 2020 to review their progress and share what they are learning

Application Qualifications

  • Participating networks must submit a signed letter from their board pledging support for the process.
    • While two representatives will be participating in the coaching, the process will involve the entire board. The board will need to meet several times during the eight-week process.
    • This letter should include:
      • References for the two representatives to attend the cohort
      • Agreement to meet at least twice during the 8 weeks to facilitate the discussions and develop the initial plans
  • Participants should also have attended the virtual Collaborate LEARN session on “Shifting Awareness to Action.”
    • If they did not attend, a recording of the session will be provided.
  • Participation also requires weekly hour-long cohort sessions during the eight-week cohort. Weekly assignments outside the cohort sessions should total 1-2 hours per week.

Coaching and Board Meeting Schedule

Week 1:Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation, watch virtual Collaborate Learn session
Week 2: Theory of Change
Week 3: Core Elements
Week 4: Logic Model
Week 5: Project Timelines
Week 6: Quarterly Goals
Week 7: Review and Improve
Week 8: Celebration and feedback