Collaborate, a forum for global leaders, is a gathering for global Christian leaders within the CAFO Global Network. Join other global leaders to share expertise, make new connections, learn best practices and add your voice to CAFO Global Network projects and objectives that are key to vibrant, locally-led networks.

The CAFO Global Network unites more than 50 locally-led and globally-informed networks of churches, NGOs and agencies working together to see every child in a loving family, embraced within a collaborative community. Together these diverse networks affirm a shared vision, bringing focus to a global movement of Christians caring for vulnerable children and families.

Every child in a loving family,
embraced within a collaborative community.

Affirmed by member networks, this Better Together vision focuses a global movement by providing common goals and shared measurements to achieve collective impact for vulnerable children and families in their own communities.

The Collaborate Global Forum will be a hybrid of
in-person, virtual and locally hosted Collaborate+ events.

All connected via online sessions!

Tuesday, September 19


Welcome Global Connections

LEARN: Local Empowerment
Learn about empowering local churches, organizations and advocates to effectively serve vulnerable children and families together in their communities.

DISCUSS: Small Group Discussions
CAFO2023: around tables in room
virtual: Zoom breakout rooms by World Region
Collaborate+ events: locally facilitated groups

DISCUSS Presentations and Feedback


Collaborate Keynotes will be available for In-Person and Virtual attendees on Tuesday afternoon.
All keynotes will be recorded and available for later viewing.

Fireside Chat for in-person attendees to have an informal discussion to share questions and discuss empowering local churches, organizations and advocates.

Wednesday, September 20

OVC Research Symposium

OVC Research Symposium included for ALL Collaborate attendees:

AND via locally-hosted Collaborate+ events!

8:30 AM – 2:30 PM EDT

Theme: What is working to strengthen families in adversity

Collaborate global forum attendees (in-person, virtual, and locally-hosted Collaborate+ events) will attend the OVC Research Symposium on Wednesday.

Hosted by the CAFO Center on Applied Research for Vulnerable Children & Families

more details to come…

There are three ways to participate in the Collaborate Global Forum in 2023!

  1. In-person at CAFO2023 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    For those able to travel to Oklahoma City, you are invited to participate at the conference in the room.
    International leaders that hope to attend in Oklahoma City, please read our 2023 International Travel Information page.
  2. Online in your home or office via Zoom calls
    Just like we’ve been doing for Virtual Collaborate, the Global Collaborate Forum will gather global leaders through Zoom.
  3. At a locally hosted Collaborate+ event in your country
    CAFO Global Network members are encouraged to host a local Collaborate+ event in their own country. These local events will be connected into the LEARN and DISCUSS sessions that will be hosted from the Collaborate room in Oklahoma City.
    As networks commit to hosting local Collaborate+ events, they will be listed here, along with contact information to learn about joining them.

The goals of the Collaborate forum are:

  1. To gather member networks of the CAFO Global Network and other global advocates to share and collaborate on strategies to develop movements and engage local churches in family and community-based care.
  2. To understand foundational building blocks of best practices and the latest research to wisely guide regional/national  networks.
  3. To gather working groups to collaborate on CAFO Global Network projects and objectives to benefit the global movement.
  4. To continue development of attendees’ leadership skills to better serve their emerging/growing networks.

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


In-Person:  $199  (includes lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday)

Virtual:  $99

Registration for Collaborate DOES NOT INCLUDE CAFO2023 Summit registration. In order to maximize forum benefits for global leaders, registration is limited.

Collaborate is designed for national Christian leaders from countries outside of the United States. CAFO Member organizations that are serving and supporting networks of local churches and NGOs in countries outside of the US are encouraged to send representatives from their global staff.

Americans desiring to attend this Forum should contact before registering.