Collaborate, a forum for global leaders, is a CAFO Summit experience designed for global Christian leaders who are either leading national orphan care movements in their countries or desire to begin one. At Collaborate, national leaders from around the world share expertise, make new connections, learn best practices and add their voices to CAFO Global Network projects and objectives that are key to vibrant, locally-led orphan care networks.

Collaborate+ brings the structure and spirit of the Collaborate forum to international networks via a forum toolbox (accessed via the web or usb mailed directly to you). Our toolbox includes over 4 hours of video presentations (covering three topics), facilitator training, discussion guides, Three Roles of a Network Leader course, event portal and more.

Apply to Host

The application timeline for Collaborate+ in 2023 has passed. Please consider the possibilities for your network to host a Collaborate+ in your community for next year!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access Collaborate+?

Currently, Collaborate+ is exclusively available to CAFO Global Network Members. By registering, Network Members agree to abide by the guidelines and best practices outlined by Collaborate+ guidelines.

Is there a guide available for Collaborate+ hosts?

Yes, a facilitator guide will be available for hosts after they have completed the application process.

What do I do after hosting a Collaborate+ event?

While what happens at Collaborate+ is important, what happens afterward is even more so. After the event, we hope to see attendees living out the lessons learned in their own communities and organizations. Attendees to Collaborate+ forums should be encouraged to come alongside your network to partner as champions for children. Be sure to follow up on these new relationships and partnerships through ongoing communication and feedback opportunities. CAFO has created an evaluation form to be given to each attendee as part of the Collaborate+ toolbox. Not only will feedback help Hosts Networks in future planning and partnerships, it will also help the CAFO Global Network team help our partners worldwide to better serve orphans and vulnerable children.

How do I fund Collaborate+

We recommend Host Networks seek sponsorships from member organizations and churches, local businesses, government entities, and private donors to cover the cost of Collaborate+. A limited number of challenge grants are available during the 2020-2021 grant season.