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Our attendees choose Collaborate largely because they’re asked to voice their opinions and they are listened to within facilitated conversations. The heart of Collaborate is true collaboration! Collaborate+ MUST include interactive discussions, led by trained facilitators. Facilitator training guides are included in the toolbox.

Each Collaborate+ toolbox includes multiple topics (presentations, discussion guides, suggested supply lists, etc.). Hosts may choose to use some or all of these topics, or modify them based on appropriateness for their setting and culture. CAFO requires hosts to use at least one topic provided in the toolbox for a forum session.

In addition to using at least one provided topic, CAFO requires each Collaborate+ forum include facilitated discussions for at least two topics. Collaborate is known as a forum for leaders to come together and discuss key topics. Each year, we receive comments like this:

"I’ve attended many conferences and listened to many speakers, but Collaborate is the only forum where I’m asked to share my opinion on these topics!"

Hosting Wise Short-Term Missions

Based on the principles defined in CAFO’s Wise Short-Term Missions, this session approaches the principles from the perspective of a receiving organization. Discuss the importance of protecting children in your care and learn key principles that will also allow your local churches, volunteers and caregivers to more effectively serve vulnerable children.

Presentation Resources

Hosting Wise Short-Term Missions, Video-Watch or Download, presented by Jephat Chifamba, Zimbabwe Without Orphans (Zimbabwe), during Collaborate 2019

Hosting Wise Short-Term Missions, Powerpoint Presentation, presented by Jephat Chifamba during Collaborate 2019

Workshop Facilitation Resources

Facilitator Guide

Wise Short-Term Missions Principles Cards

Wise Short-Term Missions Principles Page

Supplemental Resources

Wise Short-Term Missions, a series of resources from CAFO’s Applied Research and Best Practice Initiative

Hosting Wise Short-Term Missions, a Thought Leadership from Collaborate publication based on the results of the Collaborate 2018 workshops

Engaging Government

Presentation Resources

Engaging Government, Video-Watch or Download, presented by a panel during Collaborate 2019:

Workshop Facilitation Resources

Facilitator Guide

Supplemental Resources

Engaging Government: Keys to Forming Authentic and Productive Partnerships, a Thought Leadership from Collaborate publication based on the results of the Collaborate 2018 workshops


Originally presented at Collaborate 2019, Engaging Government explores the ways that different networks have collaborated with local, regional and national government authorities. As you work through these concepts within your country and community, we encourage creating your own panel of presenters that represent your nation, culture and government. Many of these principles are universal, but you’ll discover unique aspects that apply to your own context.

Changing Minds and Culture Regarding Family Care

Originally presented at Collaborate 2018, this topic was presented as a single session of shorter presentations. The first discussed collaboration among churches, NGOs and other advocates – the only way to change minds and culture is through multiple entities and perspectives working together. This was followed by an overview of the Continuum of Care and a more practical discussion of how those principles apply within Family Care. This foundation then enables the discussion of how you might actually change the minds and culture within your context regarding family care.

Presentation Resources

Collaboration and Connections, Video-Watch or Download, presented by David Hennessey, CAFO (USA),  during Collaborate 2018
Collaboration and Connections, Powerpoint Presentation

Continuum of Care Overview, Video-Watch or Download, presented by Sarah Gesiriech, Faith to Action Initiative (USA),  during Collaborate 2018
Continuum of Care Overview, Powerpoint Presentation

Family Based Care, Video-Watch or Download, presented by Dr. Delia Pop, Hope and Homes for Children (UK),  during Collaborate 2018
Family Based Care, Powerpoint Presentation

Workshop Facilitation Resources

Facilitator Guide

Supplemental Resources

Keys to Home: Changing Minds and Culture Regarding Family Care, a Thought Leadership from Collaborate publication based on the results of the Collaborate 2018 workshops

A Continuum of Care, resources from the Faith to Action Initiative

Coming Soon

These topics are coming soon to your Collaborate+ Toolkit:

Child Protection Principles and Policies

Engaging Local Cultures

Shifting from Awareness to Action

Collaborate+ Event Evaluation Forms

To successfully evaluate your Collaborate+ event, you must request feedback from your attendees. The ideal time to receive this feedback is while the attendees are still in the room!

Before the end of your event:

  • Hand out Collaborate+ Evaluation Forms
  • Ask everyone to fill them out and either leave them on the tables or put them in a basket on the way out

Asking for feedback during the event will result in most attendees filling out the form and returning it to you. If you wait until later and send an email, you will likely only get 10-20% of the responses.

Please edit the Collaborate+ Event Evaluation Form for your local event:

  1. Replace the Collaborate+ logo with your event logo
  2. Translate the questions as appropriate for your language