2022 Collaborate+ Hosting

Join us to learn how to host a successful Collaborate+ event in your country that will connect LIVE to Collaborate in Atlanta!

Tue, 27 September

Better Together Vision

in Your Community

Wed, 28 September

OVC Research Symposium

Learn about
in Young Adults
Leaving Care

Going deep in ONE topic
that you might focus on
to improve in your community

Collaborate Videos

Tuesday, September 27
First Session
Better Together Vision



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Tuesday, September 27
Second Session
Global Results



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Tuesday, September 27
Third Session
Better Together Stories



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Symposium Videos

Wednesday, September 28
First Session
Symposium Morning



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Wednesday, September 28
Second Session
Symposium Afternoon



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2022 Collaborate+ Hosting Guide

Collaborate+ Hosting Guide

A resource for hosting a local event that connects LIVE to the Collaborate Global Network forum in Atlanta that includes:

  • Your Event: Local & Global
  • Start Times
  • Schedules for Collaborate+ and OVC Research Symposium
  • Small Group Facilitation Training: descriptions, date/time, and links
  • Audience Engagement Overview
  • Technical Guide


Every child in a loving family,
embraced within a collaborative community


To mobilize churches, organizations, and advocates by:

  1. Collaborating to enable family and community-based care
    Create collaborative communities through local networks that support vibrant, family-centered and community-based care for all children
  2. Partnering with churches to inspire and support Christians in action
    Equip and empower local churches to catalyze Christians toward ongoing care for vulnerable children and families
  3. Cultivating competency with evidence-based approaches and best practices
    Strengthen leaders, programs and ministries within the network through world-class training and resources

so that we accomplish more for vulnerable children and families collectively than any could alone.

Group Coaching Calls

CAFO will host several group coaching calls for you to learn about the event, how to best prepare, and ask any questions.

Please make note of the Coaching Calls in your calendar (each is 1 hour long):

Interactive sessions with CAFO Global Network team and your peer Collaborate+ Hosts

While these calls will be recorded and posted, we strongly encourage you to connect to them LIVE to get any questions answered.

Thu, July 28

Thu, August 11

Thu, August 25

Thu, September 8

Thu, September 22

Small Group Facilitation Training

Your own local facilitators will be facilitating local Small Group discussions at your event. We recommend breaking the audience into small groups of 10 to 15 people. You must train the Facilitators to work through the discussions with their small groups. A Facilitator Guide and live Zoom training will be provided. You may have your local facilitators attend the Zoom training, or you may attend and train your facilitators directly.

Access English Facilitator Guide HERE
Access Spanish Facilitator Guide HERE

Your Event Team

You should be recruiting these roles for your Event Team. Each of these roles is welcome to join our Group Coaching calls.


This is your emcee. It’s the person who will coordinate your audience, welcome them to your event, and engage them throughout the day.

Technical Director

The person overseeing the internet and Zoom connection, and the audio/video production in your venue.

Event Manager

The person who is responsible for time (starting and staying on schedule for the LIVE event) and will communicate with CAFO Communication Host (Ade Olowo) via WhatsApp.


The person taking pictures of your audience to send to the Atlanta team. These will be used in the LIVE presentation to acknowledge your event and leaders you have gathered.

Supplemental Resources

Collaborate+ Organizer Guide

Planning a locally-led Collaborate+ event is a big task. This Organizer Guide was developed to help you think through the details to produce an engaging and effective event in your local community.

This guide includes:

  • Content – the content for the LIVE sessions from Atlanta will complete this requirement. But, we encourage your network to also include locally presented content as appropriate for your schedules.
  • Venue – considerations for choosing a venue, technical needs, social spaces
  • Event Planning – things to consider regarding Budget, Fundraising and Sponsorships, and Volunteers
  • Speakers and Program – this is for the portion of the day that is locally presented
  • Event Day – communication among event team, speaker hospitality, and volunteers
Collaborate+ Organizer Guide

Better Together Graphics

Here are some Better Together graphics for use in printing or presentations. Please do not modify these wordmarks without written permission.

Better Together Horizonal Black
Better Together Horizontal White
Better Together Stacked Black
Better Together Stacked White
Mejor Juntos Horizontal Black
Mejor Juntos Horizontal White
Mejor Juntos Stacked Black
Mejor Juntos Stacked White

Collaborate+ Event Evaluation Forms

To successfully evaluate your Collaborate+ event, you must request feedback from your attendees. The ideal time to receive this feedback is while the attendees are still in the room!

Before the end of your event:

  • Hand out Collaborate+ Evaluation Forms
  • Ask everyone to fill them out and either leave them on the tables or put them in a basket on the way out

Asking for feedback during the event will result in most attendees filling out the form and returning it to you. If you wait until later and send an email, you will likely only get 10-20% of the responses.

Please edit the Collaborate+ Event Evaluation Form for your local event:

  1. Replace the Collaborate+ logo with your event logo
  2. Translate the questions as appropriate for your language

Please Submit Your Responses by October 7, 2022

During your event, you should have shared the Collaborate+ evaluation forms.

The first 3 questions on these forms had a scale of 1 through 10. It is these responses that we would like to capture here.

Please count the number of responses for each of these questions that were answered in the following ranges:

  • 1-4    How many people responded between 1 and 4?
  • 5-6   How many people responded with 5 or 6?
  • 7-8    How many people responded with 7 or 8?
  • 9-10  How many people responded with 9 or 10?
Submit Evaluation Responses HERE