Global Movements


The CAFO Global Movements team equips national movements
to serve their countries in several ways.

Consulting in Organization and Strategic Directives Development
Currently supporting leaders in eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Central America.


Assistance with Annual Conference Development

CAFO will support national conferences by offering advice regarding content, speakers, logistical and technical support.


Strategic Planning Sessions at CAFO Summit

CAFO will offer special sessions at the CAFO Summit for international attendees, to equip them for service as well as provide a voice into the global movement. In 2016, Collaborate, a forum for global leaders, will be held as a 2-day pre-conference intensive, providing leadership development and working groups.


In-Country Visits by a CAFO Representative

For selected international movements, a CAFO representative will travel for meetings with the national leadership and potentially to speak at their national conference.


Support in Developing Orphan Sunday and Other High-Visibility Communication Campaigns

This will include offering materials that are ready for final integration of country-specific language, assistance with creating an Orphan Sunday website, as well as strategic advice for assembling a national team of volunteer coordinators to spread the campaign throughout the country.


Web and Technology Development

As needed, CAFO will provide assistance with developing websites and using appropriate technology to convey the message and assist with the development and growth of the national movement.