Join Collaborate right where you are. New for 2020, Collaborate will have a virtual format
and – for the first time ever – will allow for all Global Networks to attend, participate and speak
into CAFO’s projects impacting your communities. Retaining all of the benefits of growing
together, the virtual Collaborate experience features virtual environments set up for learning,
discussing, and brainstorming together.



During these key topic presentations hosted via Zoom, invited speakers cover best practices or key points through lecture/presentation, panel discussions, or live interviews. Audience interaction occurs through polls, chat, and Q&A.


During these facilitated discussions via Zoom, trained facilitators lead small group discussions with identified goals. After the small group discussions, the attendees are brought back into the larger meeting room and each small group will present their results to the overall group. These results will be the foundation for future “Thought Leadership from Collaborate” resources.


Fireside Chats are held 2 weeks after the Learn event. Fireside chats are Open discussions, via Zoom, for network leaders to share how they intend to implement the ideas into their network strategy/projects/campaigns. This is intended to be a more informal “living room/around a fire” discussion, allowed to progress as appropriate for those in attendance to have time and ability to share.


From the Virtual Experience

A connected community of global advocates

Collaborate gathers member networks of the CAFO Global Network and other global advocates to share and collaborate on strategies to develop movements and engage local churches in orphan care.


Thought-Leadership from the global community.

Collaborate attendees discuss foundational building blocks of best practices and the latest research to wisely guide regional/national orphan care networks. Collaborate discussions provide the foundation for curated and published Thought Leadership resources that can be used to impact the local communities in which our members serve.




Continued development to better serve your emerging network

Collaborate gathers effective groups to work together on CAFO Global Network projects and objectives to benefit the global movement. Our mission is to continue development of attendees’ leadership skills to better serve their emerging/growing networks.


Child Protection Principles & Policies


LEARN: Tuesday, 14 July 9:00AM Eastern US

Join us as Ian Anand Forber-Pratt discusses Child Protection Principles and Policies.


DISCUSS: Wednesday, 15 July 9:00AM Eastern US

Join us as we break into facilitated discussion groups to discuss the principles laid out by Ian Anand Forber-Pratt surrounding child protection. We will discuss application of these principles in the communities in which our networks serve.


FIRESIDE CHAT: Wednesday, 29 July 9:00AM Eastern US

Join other network leaders in an open discussion regarding implementing the concepts learned and discussed in previous sessions.

Engaging Local Cultures


LEARN: Tuesday, 11 August 9:00AM Eastern US

Join us as we hear from King John Wayabire (Uganda), Daniel Kaggwa (Uganda), Wendi Park (Canada), and Jimmy Thunder (Canada) about engaging local and indigenous cultures to best serve vulnerable children in our communities.


DISCUSS: Wednesday, 12 August 9:00AM Eastern US

Join us as we break into facilitated discussion groups to identify the key cultures to engage in the communities we serve and develop strategies for collaborating with local cultural leaders.


FIRESIDE CHAT: Wednesday, 26 August 9:00AM Eastern US

Join other network leaders in an open discussion about implementing the principles and strategies discussed with our local cultures and cultural leaders.

Virtual Collaborate Keynotes


LEARN: Friday, September 11th

Join us as we hear from :

  • Opening Prayer: Ade Olowo (CAFO, USA/Nigeria)
  • Small Matters in God’s Word: Rev Ebun Idowu (ASOHON Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Discussing Small Matters: Jedd Medefind (CAFO, USA)
  • Children First Software: Frank Garrott (Both Ends Believing, USA)
  • Learning Communities: Lubo Hlavacka (World Without Orphans, Czech Republic)
  • Making a Difference with Orphan/Stand Sunday: Sara Vargas (Brasil Without Orphans, Brazil)
  • Shifting Awareness to Action: David Hennessey (CAFO, USA)
  • Closing Prayer: Erica Kaggwa (Alliance for Uganda Without Orphans, Uganda)

All Virtual Collaborate Keynotes attendees are also invited to attend the


Little Things Can (re)Make a Life

General Session

immediately following Virtual Collaborate Keynotes


How is the virtual experience different than the in-person Collaborate at Summit?

While the in-person Collaborate forum takes place over the course of one week, virtual Collaborate will be broken into smaller sessions spread out over the course of the summer and will allow attendees to participate from the comfort of their own home! While the format may be different, the spirit of Collaborate remains the same whether we are in person or meeting virtually. We are truly Better Together!

Do I have to be a Global Network Member?

Virtual Collaborate is intended to serve CAFO Global Network members and champions that directly serve global networks.

Attendance is limited to attendees who were registered to attend Collaborate at the CAFO 2020 Summit and current CAFO Global Network Members.

Anyone hoping to attend that is not representing a current CAFO Global Network member is requested to email Laura Cooper before registering.

Are any scholarships available to cover the registration fees?

CAFO Global Network members may offer a limited number of registration scholarships that will cover the registration fees for virtual Collaborate. Application Codes have already been sent to the main contacts of each current member network.

Movement Supporter Networks may apply for registration scholarships for up to two attendees, while Bridge networks may apply for registration scholarships for up to 5 attendees.




Coming in 2021

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on global travel, the 2020 Collaborate event at Summit has been moved to virtual sessions



Individual Topic (3 sessions)



BOTH Topics (6 sessions)

Not yet a CAFO Global Network Member?

Join in with us and leaders from around the globe.
We encourage you to explore membership in CAFO.