Regional Alliance

“Defend the cause of the fatherless”

Join a Community

Working together we accomplish more. Unite in shared initiatives and collective energy as hearts are ignited to reflect God's heart for the fatherless. There are children worldwide who need the results created by collaboration.
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Enlarge Your Network

Strengthen your community alliance as your network is highlighted through the broader movement network. The lives of children throughout your region will be forever changed as churches join strengths and passions.

Be Equipped

Draw from the combined resources, experts and services offered by the nationwide network of Alliance member organizations, individuals and church ministries.
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Membership Details


* Read & Agree: CAFO Statement of Faith

* Read & Agree: Membership Standards

* List Churches Involved in Regional Alliance


* Enjoy a discounted rate to the CAFO Summit

* Coordinated connection opportunities at CAFO Summit

* Regional Alliance listing on CAFO Website

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Join in a vision for God's glory and for the orphan that is larger than any one organization or project.