Living, Loving and Serving Well in the Era of Coronavirus



Monday, March 23
12 PM Eastern

Abundance: The Spiritual Practice of Fundraising in Times of Uncertainty

Do you find yourself in uncharted territory as you grapple with how to continue raising funds to fuel your mission in the face of so much uncertainty? You’re not alone. Join us for a discussion of biblical principles and practices you can embrace right now to connect with givers in ways that are good for them, good for your ministry, and good for the people you serve.
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Tuesday, March 24
12 PM Eastern

Overcoming Anxiety in the Era of Coronavirus

With Dr. Curt Thompson
Humans are no strangers to anxiety. But the rise of coronavirus — from fears of illness and job loss to upended schedules — leaves many more anxious than ever. In this conversation between Dr. Curt Thompson and Jedd Medefind, we’ll look at the neurobiology of fear and anxiety, explore how to approach worry with a view of God’s care and eternity, and explore practical ways to help both our children and ourselves live in peace amidst a world turned upside-down.
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Additional Readings 

Please enjoy these reflections on the unique opportunities to be found in today’s biting limitations.

The Case for Sheltering in Place Without Screens

By Jedd Medefind

Love and Lament
in March Madness

By Dr. Curt Thompson

Wednesday, March 25
12 PM Eastern

National Foster Care Virtual Prayer Gathering

Join other foster care advocates from around the country to pray for vulnerable children in the U.S., their families, caseworkers, courts, and our response as the hands and feet of Christ. We’ll also touch briefly on things ordinary people can do to care for youth and families in the foster system.
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Wednesday, March 25
2:15 PM Eastern

Protecting Vulnerable Children Worldwide from Communicable Diseases

With Elaine E. Schulte, MD, MPH
Children outside parental care are among the most vulnerable beings in the world, and the global impact of COVID-19 is amplifying this vulnerability. While it currently appears most children face only mild symptoms, the indirect impact of coronavirus — upon program staff, government services and more — can be severe. How can we best protect staff and medically-fragile children in the current crisis? And how can we prepare plans for future communicable disease outbreaks that may care more severe direct impact upon children’s health? Join us for guiding principles and practical tips for how your program can protect the children and families you serve.
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Additional Resources and Webinars

Access the additional resources and webinars below:

Resource Center on COVID-19 and Children's Care

Better Care Network

R.A.P.I.D. Response Framework

10 Key Principles for Protecting
Vulnerable Children and Families
During a Global Pandemic

Webinar with Dr. Delia Pop

Protecting Children During COVID-19:
Lessons from the Field

Survey: How the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the most vulnerable

Thursday, March 26
12 PM Eastern

Church Support for Adoptive and Foster Families and Youth amidst Coronavirus

Are you leading a foster care and adoption ministry in your church and looking for ways to continue serving families and children in the midst of COVID-19? Join us for a live and interactive forum where we will discuss simple, strategic and effective ways you can continue to offer support to children and families while still maintaining safe social distancing practices. You’ll discover some steps other church leaders are taking to continue on in ministry while making some necessary adjustments — staying connected to and serving children and families well. Come connect with other leaders, be encouraged in the work you are doing during this strenuous time, and walk away with some practical next steps you can take in your ministry.
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Friday, March 27
10 AM Eastern

Global Virtual Prayer Gathering

Join CAFO Global Network leaders from around the world to pray for vulnerable children, families, churches, nations and our response as the hands and feet of Christ.
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Tuesday, April 28
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Friday, March 27
12 PM Eastern

Working Effectively From Home Amidst Coronavirus

Coronavirus is forcing millions of employees worldwide to work from home. How can we maintain — and even grow — effective habits, strong connections and healthy accountability without the structure of a physical office? Since 2009, CAFO has operated as a remote workforce — growing from 2 staff members to an expansive team of employees, consultants, interns and volunteers. Members of the CAFO staff will share from what we’ve learned along the way about working effectively and living joyful as a coordinated team from all across the globe.
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