Heartwork is about bringing purpose to our young generation by empowering them to bring hope to the orphan.  It all began with a group of students in Colorado making sacrifices to raise money to rescue orphans and Heartwork has since grown to a national movement of our young generation.

There is an unsettling paradox facing our world today. As over 160 million orphans fight to survive, millions of other young people indulge in a culture of self-focus and yet still struggle to find real happiness. True life is found by giving our lives away and true religion is caring for those in need. In Isaiah 58:10 God says, "If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday." We believe that God wants to use this generation to rescue the orphans of the world, and use the orphans of the world to rescue us. We need them. They need us. We call this destiny rescuing destiny.

Heartwork spreads the word about the global orphan crisis to young people in the United States at conferences, youth meetings, and through social networking.  Our partnership with CAFO provides hundreds of orphan care project opportunities to the young people coming to the Heartwork website to search for ways they can get involved with the global orphan crisis.  Students can search by project type, funding goal, or county.  Heartwork members are challenged to learn a lifestyle of sacrifice rather than self-indulgence.  Heartwork provides guidance and opportunities to read, pray, and even engage with the plight of the orphan throughout their every day lives.  Student groups choose an orphan care project, raise the funds to complete that project, then Heartwork passes the funds to the CAFO orphan care organization.

Heartwork is endeavoring to see 1000 groups of young people complete 1000 orphan projects in 1000 days.  We call this the 1K Campaign.  Join the movement!  Check out www.heartwork.tv to find out how you can get involved.