Kids Around the World

Founded in 1994, Kids Around the World builds big, colorful playgrounds around the world in places that have known only poverty, war, natural disaster and hopelessness.  These playgrounds provide places where children can play, interact with others, have fun and develop social skills. Playgrounds are built at churches, schools, orphanages and parks to provide children with safe places to play, as well as the opportunity to simply “be a kid.” They also serve as a gathering place for the community; providing stronger opportunity for church leaders to share God’s love. KIDS works with Christian organizations, businesses, churches, groups and schools to help them further  their mission.  Our goal is to work with you to bring the Power of Play to what you are already doing to serve the Kingdom.  Whether woking with your short-term mission teams, bringing a team, or working with volunteers at your location, KIDS is focused on helping your organization to achieve its goals.

We have also created a Recycled Playground Program where we take community playgrounds from throughout the United States that are no longer needed,remove and refurbish them, and then give them brand new homes around the world where they serve as a place of hope for children for years and years to come.

For the body, KIDS works with churches and organizations across the country to create packing events where we package nutritious, rice and soy-based meals that are distributed to the hungry worldwide. Costing only 25 cents per meal to produce and ship, these life-saving meals are specially formulated with vitamins and minerals designed to strengthen under-nourished bodies.

For the spirit, Kids Around the World is committed to reaching children around the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help those who work with children. We accomplish this goal through simple theater -- supplying teachers with fannelgraph storyboards (manufactured at KIDS) and puppets, and by teaching them how to use them. The flannelgraph kits share the stories of the Bible and utilize the images from the Jesus Film.  These detailed fannelgraph sets are brought to countries by ministry teams from KIDS who teach and train church leaders from all over the region in their use so they can go back to their churches and spread the good news of salvation to children and families.