CAFO Regional Alliance Members

Across the U.S., churches are coming together to form Regional Alliances in support of adoption, foster care and/or global orphan initiatives.  These Regional Alliances interlink local churches and help them collaborate, share resources, and support each other’s work.  As affiliates of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, Regional Alliances are also part of national efforts to inspire and equip the local church for effective, Gospel-centered ministry.  Search below to find friends, support, and community in your area.

127 Place

REGION:  Southwest Virginia

Our mission is to empower and support the Body of Christ to be an effective agency of change and transformation in the lives of vulnerable children. We do this through networking together, offering classes, bringing churches and individuals in on two global partnerships and bringing Safe Families to our area.

As churches around the valley began asking how they could start their own ministries, and as individuals from other churches wanted to attend our church ministry events, we felt called to start a regional alliance outside of our local church.

Arizona 1.27

REGION:  Arizona ( Phoenix-Metro Area)

Arizona 1.27 is a church-based movement aimed at engaging the local church in the Arizona child welfare system. Arizona 1.27 was born out of a response to the current foster care crisis but is built to be a long-term solution for our state’s most vulnerable children and their families.

Our approach is to train local churches on how to best recruit and care for the members of their church engaged in the ministry of foster care and adoption. We utilize best practices in training churches so that they can care for their families with excellence and through support teams offer every member of that congregation a means of caring for the foster or adoptive child. We also ask church members of participating congregations to go through some additional steps to ensure that they are more fully prepared to receive a child into their home and have the best chance at having a successful placement.

CAFO of the Midlands

REGION:  Central South Carolina

CAFO of the Midlands is a local movement of Christians from the Midlands collaborating on behalf of South Carolina children in foster care and orphans globally.

Carolina Christian Alliance for Orphans

REGION:  North Carolina and South Carolina

The care of the fatherless is and always has been a community effort. No single ministry or agency has all the answers and certainly not all the resources necessary to solve the problems of fatherlessness in North and South Carolina, much less in the world. But together we can more effectively move toward solutions.

The Carolina Christian Alliance for Orphans exists to organize, promote, inform, and recruit individuals, ministries, and especially churches to the cause of caring for the “least of these” in our communities and around the world. We believe that it is both useful and possible to share ideas, resources, and methods without complete agreement on all points. We can maintain our distinctiveness and jointly pursue obedience to the biblical mandates to care for the fatherless.

Central Florida Christian Alliance for Orphans

REGION: Central Florida Region

We exist to restore hope and healing for every child in Foster Care.

Central Florida Christian Alliance for Orphans connects and equips the Church of Central Florida to ensure there are more than enough loving families to care for every vulnerable child in our community.

Central Valley Christian Alliance for Orphans

REGION:  Central Valley of California

The Central Valley Christian Alliance for Orphans exists to glorify God through uniting churches and orphan advocates in the Central Valley of California to collectively care for orphans locally and globally.

The purpose of the meetings are to build connections and create unity between church leaders, foster/adoptive parents, and community members that are passionate about caring for vulnerable children locally and globally; coordinate and collaborate on events that serve adoptive & foster families, help recruit new foster & adoptive families and advocate for the needs of orphans worldwide; share about resources of events related to orphan care, foster care and adoption in the central valley; and help inspire more churches to start orphan care ministries.

Centre County Orphan Care Alliance

REGION: Central Pennsylvania

Our mission in Centre County is to: Ensure that every Christian is aware of the plight of the fatherless locally and globally; Motivate every believer to engage in their responsibility to care for the fatherless; Provide biblically-based resources and material support to help create well-equipped homes for every fatherless child in Centre County.

Defending the Cause Regional Alliance

REGION: The Greater Sacramento Area

Defending the Cause Regional Alliance is a collaborative network of churches, agencies, non-profits, and professionals in the Greater Sacramento Area working together to protect kids and strengthen families.

We believe that all children deserve to grow up in a family that loves them and when we work together to promote unity, awareness, and equipping we will see transformation in our region. Defending the Cause empowers people to help kids through Prevention, Intervention, and Support ministries.

Defending the Fatherless

REGION:  Ventura County California 

Defending the Fatherless encompasses ministries from churches throughout Ventura County as we serve as a gathering place to support and equip families all over the region, from Thousand Oaks to Ojai. 

We desire to see orphan care expanded within the church body. We work with a coalition of churches, organizations and individuals within Ventura County to best meet the growing needs in our community. We believe that every church and believer has a unique role in supporting the fatherless within Ventura County.

Every Child

REGION:  New York (Western: Erie, Niagara Country & Genesee Counties)

The Every Child foster care, adoption and orphan care ministry is a collaborative effort of the church in WNY to care for every child in need within our reach – both locally and globally.

Every Child exists to clear the way for the full expression of the church in WNY to care for children in need, both locally and abroad, until every child in need within our reach has an opportunity to hear and see The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to break down barriers and make it easier for the church to fulfill this mandate. We want to see the church empty the foster care system in WNY – seeing children in need placed in Christian homes so they can hear and see the gospel of Christ.

Foster Support Faith Alliance

REGION:  Greater Seattle Area

The Foster Support Faith Alliance started as a program of Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission’s Church Engagement department in May 2015. The purpose of the Foster Support Faith Alliance is to build bridges between local churches wanting to engage the foster care system and the needs within the system. The FSFA does this by facilitating meetings between local churches, DSHS Children’s Administration representatives, and foster support agencies from within their local community.

Hands of Hope

REGION:  Indiana (Northern, Western, Eastern parts of the state)

Hands of Hope is a bridge organization connecting faith communities, businesses, and individuals with practical opportunities to impact children in foster care in conjunction with Department of Child Services (DCS), Licensed Child Placement Agencies (LCPA’s), and foster parents. You are invited to join a movement of churches across Indiana serving as a unified Body of Christ to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.  Each church can use their unique gifts and calling to cover different aspects of the need and we can have a greater impact. The Hands of Hope Church Alliance unites & equips church advocates – either lay or staff – to uniquely and deeply love orphans & vulnerable children. There are powerful possibilities when we all work together!

Middle Tennessee Orphan Alliance

REGION:  Middle Tennessee

The Middle Tennessee Orphan Alliance (MTOA) is an alliance of Christian church and community partners whose passionate mission is to share ideas and collaborate on activities to serve God’s children through adoption, foster care, and international orphan care. We are bonded together by a vision that together we can make a great difference in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.

The Middle Tennessee Orphan Alliance (MTOA) was formed to bring together local adoption, foster care and orphan care ministries and community partners. The alliance seeks to provide opportunities for area ministries to share ideas and collaborate on activities to serve God’s children through adoption, foster care and international orphan care. MTOA also welcomes new church ministries, equipping them with support and encouragement. Our mission is to bring glory to God by caring for His children. Locally, we desire to bring awareness to all churches in the Middle Tennessee area of the need for Christian families to care for and provide for every child within our reach. Globally, we desire to equip churches and ministries to help across the globe.

MTOA meets on the 4th Thursday of most months at 11:30AM. Please click below to be added to the mailing list for updates on the meeting location.

Northern Colorado Christian Alliance for Orphans

REGION:  Northern Colorado

The Northern Colorado Christian Alliance for Orphans seeks to not only unite the body of Christ to advocate for orphans in our community and around the world, but to unite all of those who work in the cause of advocating for a child in need have a collective voice that impacts our community in a powerful way.

Our members and allies consist of pastors, ministry leaders, adoption agency directors and staff, state and county workers, independent organizations and ministries that advocate for the needs of children in our community and around the world.  We meet the 3rd Thursday of every month at noon.

Orphan Care Alliance

REGION:  Southern Indiana & Kentucky

The Orphan Care Alliance exists to equip Christian families through the engagement of the local Church to provide loving care and/or homes for the fatherless.

The Orphan Care Alliance is a Christian ministry serving the fatherless around the world. We are a multi-church alliance in the Louisville/Southern Indiana region impacting our local communities. Those who find our efforts in accordance with their beliefs are invited to contact us and join this Christ-centered ministry.

Redeemed Network

REGION: Virginia: Rappahannock Region, Fredericksburg & Surrounding Counties

We believe that connecting vulnerable children, their families, and their community to Christ is also integral in changing our societal outcomes—to improve mental health, reduce homelessness, eliminate sex trafficking, reduce drug use, improve high school education outcomes, form strong bonds in marriage, and reduce the cycle of vulnerable children as a whole.

The mission of Redeemed Network is to connect the church to the needs of vulnerable children and families in the Rappahannock area of Virginia. Redeemed Network provides education; connects vulnerable families to resources through church ministries, support systems and community programs; and support to churches to ensure that wrap around care is provided for foster, adoptive and kinship families.

South Texas Alliance for Orphans

REGION:  South Texas Region 8

We exist to support, equip and encourage churches in fulfilling the biblical orphan care mandate through their families.

We facilitate church structure, formation and development of foster and adoption ministries. We help with church wide informational meetings bringing in local ministries doing excellent work alo

ng the whole continuum of care from teen mom to aged out youth and including birth families. We try to help churches find their sweet spot and connect them with area resources. We also help foster and adopt families get connected to resources in their area such as support groups, christian counselors, doctors, dentist, CE training and resources. We want to be a hub where all players in the system can find information and get connected.

Southern Colorado Christian Alliance for Orphans

REGION:  Southern Colorado

The Southern Colorado CAFO is an alliance of churches, para-church and community organizations which work together to touch children “from hard places” locally and globally through foster and adoption. 

Our approach is to raise awareness of the of the need of foster care opportunities, pray for the fatherless, while organizing wrap around church support systems for each family involved in serving vulnerable children.

The Attic Church Alliance

REGION:  Permian Basin (Midland and Odessa, TX)

The Attic Foster Network is a support network for foster parents, adoptive parents, parents in crisis for the Permian Basin.

With the mission to empower churches and their people to engage in the prevention, intervention, and emancipation of the local orphan, The Attic brought several churches together in a forum setting to begin to address the issues that face the local orphan. The churches are committed to creating a culture of orphan care within their body of believers and to area-wide endeavors to support local needs.