Day of Solitude

June 16, 2023

Join the CAFO community for a day away from activity and distraction to pray, worship, listen, reflect, and enjoy God’s world! 

In solitude, we step away from the activities and noise that fill most of life. But solitude is not merely about absence. It is most of all a turning of our whole selves towards God. We give full attention to Him, His Word, and His world. We pray and praise and enjoy. We listen and reflect. In this, we open our hands to God … and find gifts we’d encounter nowhere else.

We can offer the world little but an echo of the noise all around us if we never take time to escape it.  … As we receive the gifts of solitude, we ultimately possess far more to give to others as well.

Overview Video with Jedd Medefind

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Solitude & Silence Guide

Solitude & Silence Overview

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Simple Guide to Lead Your Team

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