2020 Team Soul Care Retreat

God’s Rhythms for

Calm Hearts in Anxious Times

We’ve come to see how powerful a soul care retreat can be for a ministry team. Gods Rhythms for Calm Hearts in Anxious Times is intended to help your team experience its own staff soul care retreat.  

We’re so glad you’ll be joining with your team and the expansive CAFO community in this retreat experience!  Below are all the materials to guide you through.


Preparation Guide

Given out a week before retreat day.

Participant Guide

Day of retreat guide.

Facilitator Guide

Leader Guide


You can watch videos from this page or download.

Message in Advance of Spiritual Retreat

Welcome Message

Opening Worship

Living in an Age of Anxiety

People of Mind, Body, & Spirit

Rhythms of Receiving

Daily Rhythms: The Place of Screens & Media

Weekly Rhythms: The Gift of Sabbath

Encountering God's Love in Beauty

A Benediction that Flows from Your Deepest Identity



We'd truly value your feedback on this experience with your team as we hope to offer more retreats like this in the future.