Session 1: Foster Care & the Church

What can happen when the church steps into the foster care system? In less than 10 short minutes, this first powerful Foster Movement U session lays the foundation for the importance of church engagement in foster care. This session and the accompanying resources below will help your team and other key players begin to get on the same page as you explore building church-based foster care movement right where you live.



Stay tuned for our brand new Foster Movement Podcast coming later this spring!



These 5 simple questions are designed to help you and your team process the material from Session 1 and discuss what your next steps should be.



You care about kids in foster care.  You want your church and other churches in the community to take action, but you’re not sure where to start.  Start Here!



Ever wish you just had a handy list all the places in the Bible that mention kids who need families? Look no further.

Shareable Bits & Pieces

You can easily share bite-sized pieces of inspiration from this Foster Movement U session with your friends and followers. Simply click on one of the short clips below and look for the social media links:

“This is Just Some of My Story”

Shawn Welcome
Performance Poet


“The Church as a Body
Not a Building”

Jedd Medefind
Christian Alliance for Orphans


“Pharaoh’s Daughter”

Pr. Robert Gelinus
Colorado Community Church

“The Social Worker, the Book,
and the Trash Can”

Pr. Robert Gelinus
Colorado Community Church

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