The Foster Journey

Often a winding road. Always a trip.
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As any foster family will tell you, the foster care journey contains stretches of joy interrupted by harrowing conditions along the way. The challenges range from lack of communication with caseworkers to behavioral challenges in your home – both your behavior and your kids’! But the joy of seeing a child begin to heal or a family successfully reunify outweigh the struggle of getting there.

The Foster Journey is an interactive guide that relies on the insights of many to help you walk confidently through the foster parenting decision-making process. The goal is NOT to convince you to be a foster parent. Rather, our hope is to help guide you to make a wise and well-informed decision about foster parenting. And if you do decide to become a foster parent, this guide will provide insights to help you become a great one.

Take it a mile at a time, focus on the One who called you to this journey, and prepare to invest your life in each child that walks through your door.


Individual digital copies of The Foster Journey can be purchased on Amazon HERE.  However, we created this book to help you equip others in your community.  Whether you want to purchase books for potential foster parents or for church leaders in your community…we want to make sure you can do that in the most cost effective way possible.

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Listen to The Foster Movement Podcast

The Foster Movement Podcast, featuring former foster youth and national leaders in foster care advocacy, provides powerful insights and practical tools to help you work with others to provide More Than Enough for kids and families in foster care where you live. There are several recent episodes that are a great companion to The Foster Journey and walk through many of the themes and topics found in the book!

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