Key Numbers to Know for Michigan

Total # of Kids in Foster Care**


Kids Awaiting Adoption**


Total # of Churches


Total # of Waiting Kids**


Percentage of Waiting Kids by Age**

0-3 Years


4-7 Years


8-12 Years


13-17 Years


All numbers are approximate and based on most recent available data. See footnotes below for statistic links.

System Structure*

Name of State Child Welfare Agency:

Michigan Department of Human Services (visit here)

How Child Welfare is Administered:

State Administered (what does this mean?)

Footnotes: Data was collected from these sources

* 50 State Chartbook on Foster Care, Boston University School of Social Work

** Child Welfare Outcomes 2010-2013:  Report to Congress, Children’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

*** Opportunity for Impact, Focus on the Family 2014

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