You are already aware of the problem – there are millions of vulnerable children around the world and even thousands right here in your own city. The question for you as a pastor or ministry leader is not, “Should our church do something?”, but “What should our church do, and how do we do it?”

This one-day workshop has been uniquely designed to help you answer those questions. National experts in the area of church-based foster care and adoption ministries will provide principles, practices and strategic next-steps for your church – whether you are just getting started with a new ministry or are leading and growing an existing one.

You will engage with topics such as discipling more people in your church to get involved, building support and wraparound systems for those who already are and creating a trauma-informed environment among your children’s ministry staff and volunteers. You will end the end with clarity, inspiration, resources and new connections that will help you most effectively and sustainably grow your church’s foster care and adoption ministry and impact the community and world around you.


  • Thursday, May 10th.
  • 10:30am-3:30pm (lunch included)


  • Are you a pastor in the DFW area? Join us for a unique connection, equipping and networking opportunity. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Stonebriar Community Church, Frisco, TX. Amidst 2,000+ other global advocates participating in CAFO2018.


  • $25 for all local pastors. Huge value for a low price tag. Includes lunch.



Building a Discipleship Based Orphan Care Ministry with Jason Johnson, CAFO

12:00PM – 1:00PM

Pastors Networking Lunch & Learn (Speaker TBA)

1:15PM – 3:30PM

Rethinking Children’s Ministry: Creating an Environment of Felt-Safety with Ryan and Kayla North, Irving Bible Church and Empowered to Connect

Jason Johnson, Director of Church Ministry Initiatives, CAFO

Foster and adoptive dad, church planter, speaker, blogger. As the Director of Church Ministry Initiatives for the Christian Alliance for Orphans, Jason speaks and teaches at churches, conferences, forums and workshops on church-based ministry strategies and best practices as well as encouraging families that are in the trenches and those that are considering getting involved. Much of his time is also spent coaching and consulting with church leadership teams from around the country on how to start, lead and grow orphan care ministries within their church.

Ryan and Kayla North, Empowered to Connect

Ryan was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and Kayla is from San Angelo, deep in the heart of Texas. They met in college, started dating, got married, and started a family.

Before they became parents, the Norths traveled to South Africa with the understanding that they would start a family upon their return. The weekend after they got home they attended a foster parent information meeting and months later in 2005 they started their adoption journey in when their daughter was placed with them.

They’ve fostered and adopted. They homeschool. They are Lead Trainers for Empowered to Connect and TBRI Practitioners. You can listen to them on the Empowered Parent podcast and read their writing on Empowered to Connect and One Big Happy Home.

The Norths live in Dallas, Texas with their six kids and three dogs.

Building a Discipleship Based Orphan Care Ministry in Your Church: Jason Johnson, CAFO

The goal of your foster care, adoption and orphan care ministry is not simply to recruit more people to meet a need; it’s to disciple more people to obey a command. Discipleship is not an event, it’s a process. It’s the long, sometimes slow and sometimes tumultuous journey of movement – from where we are to where we need or want or hope to be. Discipleship toward a goal or vision doesn’t just happen – it requires intentionality, purpose and planning. But how do we do that in our ministries? What elements of movement are crucial to establishing an effective and sustainable process for moving our people towards caring for the vulnerable and orphaned or supporting those who do? In this workshop you will discover five essential elements of discipleship and construct a general framework of principles for you to uniquely apply to your ministry. You’ll walk away with an action plan of practical “next steps” moving forward.

Rethinking Children’s Ministry: Creating an Environment of Felt-Safety: Ryan & Kayla North, Empowered to Connect

Children’s ministry is perhaps the most vital ministry of the church. It is why families come, why families stay, and unfortunately why families sometimes leave a church. We focus on the programs, curriculum, lights, and music that make a Children’s Ministry great, but often forget the impact of making children feel safe, secure, and loved. Feeling safe can go a long way towards helping them experience and accept God’s love. Creating an environment of felt-safety is the foundation on which children are able to connect in relationship.