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Three Principles for Church Orphan Care Ministry Leaders to Consider

The goal of your orphan care ministry in your church is sustainability, not speed. It’s not necessarily to do many things as much as it’s about doing the right things. It’s also not simply to start a peripheral ministry that a few people are involved in but rather establish a foundational culture that everyone in the church has a role to play in. As church and ministry leaders, how do we do these things well? The needs of vulnerable children and families are overwhelming and the opportunities to engage are endless. However, as a leader, how do we prioritize the key objectives of our ministry? How do we build in safeguards that keep us focused on first things first? How do we learn the art of saying “no” sometimes and not “yes” all the time?

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Caring for Caregivers: A Critical Component of Improving Childhood Wellbeing

Research and common knowledge both suggest that the most influential relationship in a child’s life is with his or her caregiver. A strong caregiver relationship can limit the effects of trauma, increase a child’s confidence and independence, and empower a child to explore life from a safe base. Therefore, caring for caregivers- and coaching them to care for themselves- may be one of the most helpful roles we can play in caring for vulnerable children. How do we encourage them in self- care? How do we help them cope with secondary trauma? How do we support them in the long-term? This presentation opens the conversation around nurturing and caring for caregivers domestically and around the world. It. will center around practical tools for supporting caregivers to increase their health, and ultimately to optimize the wellbeing of the children they care for.

Audio Recording: When Two Worlds Collide

The greatest times of conflict in relationships often arise when one person’s history intersects with another person’s history. Parenting is no different. Some of the toughest moments in parenting occur when my child’s history and beliefs collide with my history, motivations, and expectations. This workshop will help participants to understand the impacts of hard places on our children and how compassion and empathy should be the appropriate responses to their expressed needs. At the same time, we will walk attendees through how their own histories and experiences inform how they respond to their children. Our individual histories (both ours and our children’s) inform where we are, but does not have to determine where our story as a family develops together. This workshop is for parents and anyone who works with, or ministers to families. Presented by: Ryan North, Tapestry Adoption and Foster Care Ministry
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The Barn is Flooded

Jason Weber is CAFO's National Director of Foster Care Initiatives. Watch as he shares how the true story of a Nebraskan Farmer has inspired him to write a children's book to bring awareness about Foster Care.

The True Source of Transformation

The true source of transformation is God Himself: finding our worth and value in who God says we are. Hear from Back2Back Ministries, Beth Guckenberger about this truest source, especially in OVC care.

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