Long labors of justice and mercy can be sustained
only if rooted deep in a vibrant inner life.

At CAFO2017, you’ll find rest, refreshment and rich direction in cultivating your inner life in Christ. As you build your Summit schedule, leave space for Coffee & Conversation Rooms along with workshops from the Soul Care track and other experiences below!

Soul Care Workshop Track Options

  • How is it with Your Soul?  Assessing the State of Your Life in Ministry (Ruth Haley Barton)
  • Practices that Sustain for the Long Journey (Jedd and Rachel Medefind)
  • How To Care For Yourself While Caring For Children From Traumatic Places (Mike & Kristen Berry)
  • Obstacles and Roadblocks That Inhibit Self Care & Self Compassion (The Soul Care Project)
  • The Journey toward Emotional and Spiritual Health (David Schooler)
  • Asking Questions That Engage the Internal Parts of Yourself (The Soul Care Project)

Praise & Petition

Amidst the whir of our lives, perhaps nothing is more refreshing than the chance to raise praise and petition to God with others who share our hurts and hopes.   Join talented Nashville musicians and Summit attendees with similar hearts for one hour of simple music, thanksgiving and prayer.

  • Praise & Petition:  Focus on Children and Families in U.S. Foster Care and All Who Serve Them
  • Praise & Petition:  Focus on the Global Church Rising for the Vulnerable in Every Nation
  • Praise & Petition:  Focus on Adoptive and Foster Parents and the Children They Love
  • Praise & Petition:  Orphans Around the Globe

Prayer for You from the Global Church 

Each part of the church around the world has unique gifts both to give and to receive.  During this hour, Christians from Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe will be present especially to pray for you, whether specific requests you have or unspoken needs.  Stop by for a few minutes or join in prayer for the full hour.

Cultivating the Inner Life Experience Room

Along with spaces for prayer, stations throughout the room will guide you into activities designed to facilitate spiritual reflection, meditation on Scripture and exploration of God’s good gifts for you.