Presenter Information 2016

Thank you for being an invaluable part of CAFO2016 in Orlando! This presenter page includes information to assist you in your planning. Below you will find a presenter agreement along with details on (1) Planning Your Trip, (2) Objectives & Guidelines, (3) Advertising Your Session, and (4) Logistical Details regarding your session, room, and materials. Please review carefully and complete the form below.

What's Next?

Your presenter coordinator is Ashley Phelan.  Please let her know of any questions you may have along the way! Please proceed with these next steps:

  1. Carefully read the information and guidelines provided below.
  2. Complete the agreement form below by April 11th.
  3. REGISTER!  Please use 12PRESENT1216 as your free speaker code to register online.
  4. Submit a brief outline of your session (or copy of your handout) to by April 15th.  Please send an editable electronic copy.  This will be put online and made available to your attendees to access online during your session. (This step is important both for attendee resources and to ensure that each session offers practical “how-to” content on the correct level). 

Planning Your Trip

Registration, Travel & Logistics

As a Presenter, you will receive complimentary registration.  Please register yourself online, using the coupon code “12PRESENT1216“.  Please note that this code is non-transferable. Thank you for not registering anyone else with this code or sharing this code with other attendees.

You are responsible for your own travel and lodging.  Please find all travel information you may need on the CAFO2016 website, including General Info and Hotel info.


Lunch on both conference days is provided. Presenters are responsible for their own dinner each night. A buffet dinner is available on-site each night. A limited number of dinner tickets are available for purchase for those who wish to remain on site and network. Dinner tickets must be purchased in advance while registering online. (This dinner is not included in the free presenter registration).

  • Upon arrival please pick up your name badge at registration and immediately check-in with the Presenter Coordinator.  (She will be posted by registration during check-in hours).  She will provide you with your presenter ribbon and give you last minute directions.
  • As soon as you check-in, please find your workshop room and ask Dina or the room host about any needs.  This will enable us to be sure it is ready for your session.
  • Please arrive early to your session and introduce yourself to the workshop volunteer host assigned to your room. Each session will have a workshop host volunteer to assist you in distributing your handouts and other needs.
  • A Presenter Hospitality room will be available on-site for your convenience.

Help us highlight your session

In addition to general event promotions, there are a few specific ways available to begin advertising your session and preparing your audience:


Start preparing your audience now!  List any of your recommended resources to serve and prepare your attendees in advance.  We will list & link to these on your workshop page. (Examples may include: Book, blog post, or article links; video link or embed code; audio clip link).  Resources should pertain to the theme of your session.


Use the ready made tools HERE to spotlight your workshop on your blog, website, and email lists. You are your best advertisement to your audience!


As you blog about your workshop, please share with us so we can echo on our social media!

Objectives & Expectations

The purpose of your workshop is to provide practical insight, knowledge and tools to equip Christians for effective, Gospel-centered orphan ministry.


Please review these expectations carefully prior to completing the agreement below.

  1. Presentations should be designed to meet the objective above.
  2. Presenters should abide by the level criteria for their workshop.  See workshop level criteria.
  3. As much as possible, all workshops should include an interactive element.
  4. Presentations should provide specific how-to knowledge and tools, including replicable models where appropriate. The audience already knows they should care; please focus on specifics of how they can do so effectively.
  5. Presentations should not focus on describing or promoting the presenter’s ministry, services or products. While it is entirely appropriate to include examples from your ministry, focus should be on insight and principles that are broadly applicable.
  6. Because your presentation time is limited, please refrain from including several minutes of “introductory” remarks (i.e. long greetings, biographical or organizational information, etc.). Please feel free to include this information in handout form.
  7. Presenters who are co-presenting or participating on a panel should be considerate of their co-presenters and conscious of pre-determined time limits. All presenters should time their remarks in advance.
  8. If there have been major changes in your ministry recently related to the subject matter you’ll present, please communicate that to Elizabeth Wiebe as soon as possible.
  9. If you wish to provide information on your organization or programs, please provide your contact information and encourage the attendees to connect with you at your exhibit table or elsewhere.
  10. Speakers are permitted to distribute free “give-aways” such as literature and brochures that aid the Church in caring for the orphan. (CAFO reserves the right to prohibit, limit and/or discontinue any give-away it deems inappropriate for this event).
  11. You are strongly encouraged to provide hard-copy and/or electronic materials that help the audience take what you taught with them, such as an outline, powerpoint, and/or other materials. (See Handouts note below)

Your Session

Schedule and Timing

All workshops are 60 minutes long. Please leave time for Q&A at the end.   All workshop information (including your workshop description and scheduled time slot) can be found online.

Please pay special note of your time limits for your sessions. We would like the attendees to glean as much from each of you as possible. For this to happen it is important that no speaker take time away from other speakers.


Each presenter invited by the Alliance receives one free registration. If a presenter wishes to include a co-presenter from their organization, that co-presenter must be pre-approved.  In cases where the allotted presenter slots have been filled, co-presenters from the same organization may be required to pay for his/her registration using the discounted member rate.

Audience Demographics

Approximately 1,800 – 2,000 attendees are expected for CAFO2016. The primary audience is composed of lay leaders engaged in church-based ministry focused on adoption, foster care and/or global initiatives. The audience also includes pastors, church staff, adoptive families, nonprofit professionals, and state and private agency staff.  Your audience may include, but not be limited to:

(a) Church ministries looking for resources and partnership opportunities with reputable organizations, (b) Individuals seeking resources and ways to serve, and
(c) Organizations looking to partner and work with other like-minded organizations.

Your Workshop Room


Please let the workshop coordinator know of any special audio-visual needs no later than April 10th. Please bring a laptop with a USB port if you wish to display a PowerPoint presentation. (If you have a Mac, please bring any adapter necessary to get you to VGA).

Short video clips will work if they are built into your powerpoint or keynote presentation.

Room Set-Up
  • Projectors will be provided in each breakout classroom. Please provide your own laptop.
  • If you’re using a Mac, you will need to provide your own video output adaptor (one that will get you to VGA). See this link if you need to purchase an Apple video adaptor for your laptop.
  • All rooms will be set up in either theater seating or rounds.  This set-up will be predetermined based on overall event needs.
Recording & Promotional Materials

By submitting this agreement below, you agree that the Alliance may use your image and other information related to you in promotional materials including video, audio or print. You also permit the Alliance to record your entire session and to broadcast and/or sell audio, video, transcripts, or derivative products thereof.  Recordings of each session will be available for sale on-site unless the presenter requests otherwise.


Wifi is available throughout the  campus.

Your Materials

Session Material & Guidelines

You are responsible for obtaining any necessary copyright permission before using materials created by a third party and/or to appropriately acknowledge the origin of such materials in your presentation. You also indemnify the Alliance and hold them harmless for any claims/damages in connection with your presentation. You are responsible to bring any printed handouts.


Please provide written materials to participants relating to and/or supplementing your presentation. Such materials may include handouts, outlines, forms, articles, book lists, websites and other helpful resources relating to the breakout session topic (Currently plan on approximately 75 – 100 handouts.  Additional estimates may be provided as they becomes available.)  All  handouts submitted by April 15th will be posted online for electronic access during your workshop.

No printing is available on-site.  Please take care of any necessary printing or copying off-site before arrival.   The closest FedEx Center is: 3120 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando, FL 32811 (2.7 mi from venue).

Submit either a brief outline of your session or a copy of your handout to by April 15th 

Presenter Agreement