Orphan Sunday Partnership Packages

Child Sponsorship

Partner with Compassion International

ORGANIZATION: Compassion International

CATEGORY: Child Sponsorship

  • Partnership Model:  Compassion International and Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) are partnering to make a difference in the lives of orphaned children. What makes Compassion and CAFO an amazing partnership? Both ministries believe we are called to:
    • Stand up for orphans and vulnerable children
    • Share the hope of Jesus Christ with those in need
    • Serve children holistically: heart, mind, body and soul
    • Encourage families to stay together and equip them to care for each other
    • Partner with churches in developing countries to transform lives
    • Care for orphans as an act of worship because God first loved us

    Compassion ministers through the care of the local church and loving sponsors. We invite you to sponsor a child today. 

    What the Local Host Does:   You can help give orphaned children and other children in need hope for the future! Speak up for orphans by hosting a Compassion Sunday event at your church on Orphan Sunday, Compassion Sunday is a special nationwide event when child advocates like you stand up in churches across the country and ask their community to sponsor children in need. When you find sponsors for orphans and children in need, you help provide them with medical care, nutritious food, educational opportunities, shelter as needed — and you help children learn about Jesus. Through Compassion’s programs, families are also encouraged to stay together and are equipped to care for each other, which helps prevent children from becoming orphans. Your Compassion Sunday will change so many lives!

    What the Organizational Partner Does:  Compassion will send you a free Planning Guide which gives you all the information you and your pastor need to make the decision to host an event at your church. Once you register your event date, Compassion will send you a free event kit, full of the resources like posters, informational sheets, a instruction guide, a Compassion t-shirt to wear during your presentation and child packets.

    Contact for More Information:

    • Name Compassion International
    • Email: act@compassion.com, or call us at (888) 503-4585
    • Web site: Compassion.com/cafo

Child Sponsorship Dinner

ORGANIZATION: Make Way Partners

CATEGORY: Child Sponsorship

There are an estimated 30 million victims of human trafficking in the world today. More than 1/2 are children. Orphans are the most vulnerable to modern-day slavery, starvation, disease and all forms of oppression. Through child sponsorship you can make a direct impact to END SLAVERY. You can help Make Way Partners grow a true anti-trafficking orphan-care network throughout Sudan and the D R Congo to save, heal, protect and prepare thousands of at-risk orphans for leadership in the future. A Child Sponsorship Dinner is a commitment to help protect & provide complete care for more of the children in Sudan & in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It starts simply: Invite your friends and family to a special dinner that you host. At the dinner share why you became ‘family’ for an orphan in Sudan and what difference that has made in your life! Then extend the joy. Invite your guests to join you by becoming MWP Child Sponsors too. You will find resources and materials on our website that will help make your dinner memorable – including fun, Sudanese-style recipes and dinning tips!


Hosting a Child Sponsorship Dinner is a great way to invite your friends to action & share together the joy of protecting orphans at-risk to slavery! It’s so easy to spread the word about Make Way Partners Child Sponsorship!

1. Invite your friends over for dinner.

2. Share your story on how Child Sponsorship has impacted your life.

3. Encourage your friends to make a difference through Make Way Partners Child Sponsorship program in Sudan and Congo!


MWP has created and provided all the party materials you will need to host a Sponsorship Dinner – including: invitations, checklists, recipe ideas, how to share your story, etc.

Simply go to our website:http://www.makewaypartners.org/child-advocate.html and start downloading today! Contact Audrey Moore for child sponsorship pictures and brochures OR with any additional questions at 205-240-8597.


OS Founder/Speaker & Booth-in-a-Bag

ORGANIZATION: Every Orphan’s Hope

CATEGORY: Child Sponsorship

Every Orphan’s Hope launched the first Orphan Sunday in Lusaka, Zambia in 2003. If you would like our Founder and President, Gary Schneider, to speak at your church or event leading up to Orphan Sunday, please email us.


Reach Out. Call or email us to book OS Founder Gary Schneider at your Orphan Sunday event and to request a Booth-in-a-Bag.

Rally your friends. With the materials provided in your bag, set up a booth at your church or Orphan Sunday event and share the mission of Every Orphan’s Hope.

Recycle. Return the banner and any un-used print materials so that we may re-use them at future events.


If you would like OS Founder Gary Schneider to speak at your church or event, call or email us as soon as possible. We will do our best to work with your calendar.

If you are setting up a booth, we will mail you a Booth-in-a-Bag that includes:

1. A 3’x6’ Every Orphan’s Hope vinyl banner that you can hang on your table

2. Print brochures and postcards that describe the ministry of Every Orphan’s Hope

3. 4×6 photos of our children who need sponsors. At Every Orphan’s Hope, 100% of your monthly contribution goes toward the care of your sponsored child!

4. (3) Good News Wristbands – If you would like to hand out more wristbands, 5-packs and 100-packs are available for purchase at everyorphan.org

5. 10 unique bookmarks with a picture of an orphan and his or her prayer request (on the front) as well as 31 ways to pray for our children (on the back).

Plus, you can download any of our videos at everyorphan.org. We recommend “Zambia’s Gift to the World,” a 32-minute video on the history of Orphan Sunday.


Adopt-A-Legacy | Support an Orphan in Kenya

ORGANIZATION: East-West Ministries International

CATEGORY: Child Sponsorship

Adopt-A-Legacy (ALIM) is a ministry founded by an East-West Ministries missionary in Kitale, Kenya. It provides essentials for at-risk children of all ages. The children include orphans whose parents have died from HIV/AIDs, children with a surviving parent who is terminally ill and can’t work, and abandoned children. The children are placed within loving Christian homes, rather than an orphan home, to provide as normal an upbringing as possible. Adopt-A-Legacy has several categories of sponsorship from which a person or group can choose. These include schooling (including tutoring, transport, and uniform), hygiene, food, and meat for the family.


Provides an opportunity for ALIM, an affiliate of East-West Ministries International, to inform those in their congregation, company, or organization about ways to sponsor an ALIM child. A host also encourages involvement in the ALIM sponsorship program.


Provides materials including:

1. Stories

2. Photos

3. Video for the host to present

4. All necessary information

5. Follow-up to those who contribute to one or more categories of child sponsorship.


Monthly Child Sponsorship

ORGANIZATION: Christian Adoption Services, Inc.

CATEGORY: Child Sponsorship

A commitment of $40 a month can help provide food, medical care and an education for an orphaned, abandoned or indigent child in Liberia.


Partners with Christian Adoption Services and an indigenous church in Liberia named African Christians Fellowship International to care for children in need in Liberia. The local host commits to raising up monthly sponsors who will pray and send $40 a month.


Sponsors will receive a photo of their sponsored child and a letter from the child once they sign up. Then, the sponsor will receive a letter from the child 1-2 times a year, and an updated photo will be placed on the AfricanChildSponsorship.com website once a year. Sponsors also receive monthly email newsletters with updates.


Child Ambassador

ORGANIZATION: Open Arms International

CATEGORY: Child Sponsorship, Residential Orphan Care

With a small commitment each month you can help provide food, medical care and an education for an orphaned, abandoned or indigent child in Kenya.


Become a voice for the voiceless! Join our Child Ambassador program and help us connect sponsors to vulnerable children in Eldoret, Kenya. Invite one of our staff members to share at a small group or your church, use our ready-made resources to host a gathering, or create an event of your own centered around your interests and passions. We have everything you need to help you get started!


Contact us to request your copy of the Child Ambassador Program, including:
Pre-made posters for your event (digital).
A step-by-step guide to sharing your sponsorship story with others, as well as a sample script.
Video content and brochures to share about Open Arms International with your attendees.
Photos and information about children who need sponsors.
Personal support and communication with Open Arms staff throughout the process.


Name: Laura Kost, Sponsorship Coordinator
Email: laura@openarmsinternational.org
Phone: (503)296-9989
Web site: www.openarmsinternational.org