Orphan Sunday & Stand Sunday Toolkits

Take the guesswork out of planning your Orphan Sunday or Stand Sunday participation!

We’ve made planning Orphan Sunday and Stand Sunday easier than ever. Your participation can take many different expressions. We’ve put together the 2020 Toolkit for churches, ministries and communities of all sizes.


As Christians respond to God’s call to care for the orphan, lives are transformed. Orphan Sunday varies as much as the people and churches involved. You can participate through sermons and Sunday school classes, prayer gatherings, and simple meals, fundraisers and live concerts.

This resource-rich toolkit will help you:

1. Get Inspired

2. Create a Plan

3. Promote your Observance

4. Inspire Others

ONE Child Campaign

ONE Child. That's all it takes.

You have seen a lot of big numbers about children in foster care and orphanages.
While these numbers seem large, this is a very solvable problem.
There are five times as many Christian churches in the world as waiting children!
Our dream is simple.

Will your ONE CHURCH choose just ONE CHILD, and pray for that child until they are in a safe and permanent family?


If you are in the U.S., find a waiting child in your community by searching below.  You can select your state at the bottom of the menu. (Children listed are legally free and are waiting for a family to come forward to adopt them).  Others can choose a child in their local city or village.

PROOF PO 041119ONE (Graphical proof)


Order bracelets for your church here, and add your Prayer Child’s name.  The bracelet will include space for you to write the name and age.


If you need help finding a child to pray for, contact your local Coordinator here.  Scroll down to “Regional Coordinators” and click on “State” to sort the list by state. Then, write a coordinator near you.

ONE child is waiting right now for your prayers and for a family.

Thank you for being the ONE for that child.