The COVID-19 Child Protection and Family Care


Expertise, Funding and Community of Practice

Facing the global surge of COVID-19, many governments mandated that children in residential care facilities be immediately relocated to the homes of relatives or other community options. This rapid relocation carried significant risks for children. However, the current moment also carries significant opportunity. As quarantine orders recede, organizations can play a vital role in ensuring safety and supporting family-based care for impacted children, and to cultivate enduring programs that enable more children to grow up in families.

Applications have closed at this time.

If your program was mandated to rapidly relocate children to families during the crisis, the COVID-19 Child Protection and Family Care Challenge Grants and Learning Cohort is for you.  It’s designed to support you in developing and executing a plan to ensure child safety and maximize family-based outcomes for children in post-COVID recovery.

What to Expect


Cohort participants will learn together in private monthly webinars with some of the most sought-after experts in the field.


Walking through this process with a group of individuals in similar situations will provide countless opportunities to learn what works and what doesn’t. Avenues for peer support will be available throughout the one-year program.


Monthly one-on-one calls with a knowledgeable coach will provide the opportunity for troubleshooting challenges and brainstorming solutions. 


In addition to grant funding, participants will have access to expert fundraising training and guidance, seeking to secure sustainable funding solutions for their programs.

This Opportunity is For You if...

….Your government has mandated that your program rapidly return children to their families during the COVID-19 crisis, and you feel unprepared to do this safely.

...You are eager to learn tools and techniques to improve the quality of care you provide for these children.

...You are eager to learn how you can support these children and families, with the goal of seeing as many as possible remain safely together.

Together, we want to walk through this unique challenge in a way that strengthens families, minimizes risk, and prevents future separation.

Applications have closed at this time.

We are on a journey of learning how to better serve children and families...together.