CAFO is excited to announce a first-of-its kind

Expanding Family Solutions for OVC Grant Challenge


Both scripture and science affirm: children grow best in healthy families. For vulnerable children and at-risk families, a wide range of family support and care options together contribute to a full “continuum of care” that meets the unique needs of each child and maximizes opportunities for children to grow up in nurturing families. The Christian Alliance for Orphans is offering this challenge grant opportunity to spark innovation as child-serving organizations create or expand effective family care solutions for children.
A total of $50,000 will be awarded in grants of $5,000 to $10,000 to organizations committed to developing or expanding family care solutions for children.


August 15, 2018

Open applications

September 30, 2018

Applications Close

December 2018

Winners Announced

End of 2018

Funds Disbursed

May 2019

Share Learning at CAFO Summit

May 2020

Share Learning at CAFO Summit

Example Ideas for Projects

  • Develop more robust gatekeeping and family tracing services

  • Initiate an important element of an effective foster care program — from recruitment to certification to support

  • Implement an advocacy campaign that helps donors understand and embrace family-based care

  • Create a kinship care training program and support network

  • Re-purpose current resources – such as medical care, psycho-social support, or schooling – in ways that help enable local children to remain with their biological families

  • Create a daytime schooling or care program that permits parents to work, while still allowing them to raise their children

  • Implement a critical element of a domestic adoption recruitment, placement and/or support program

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ministry works with an international partner organization(s); can we share this challenge grant with them?

Yes. Ministries not eligible to become 501(c)3 organization that partner with CAFO member churches and organizations are eligible to apply through the CAFO member.

Who is eligible to apply for the Challenge Grant?

Any CAFO Member organization that is currently serving vulnerable children and desires to begin, expand, or improve family care options for children is eligible to apply for the Challenge Grant.  If CAFO Church Members partner with a program not eligible for CAFO membership, they can apply on the program’s behalf.

Interested in becoming a CAFO Member?

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Do I have to be a CAFO Member to apply?

Yes. This grant is for CAFO Members, however, you may become a CAFO member so that you are able to apply for the Challenge Grant.

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