OVC Applied Research & Best Practice Symposium

May 9, 2018 | Dallas, TX

The annual OVC Applied Research & Best Practice Symposium unites top academic OVC researchers with leaders of faith-based NGOs serving children around the world, seeking together to give empirically-validated answers to one simple, vital question:

"How do we encourage recovery from childhood trauma?”

Practitioners gain exposure to incisive research and new data, innovations and best practices in the field. Researchers have a rare opportunity to directly strengthen frontline OVC care practice, while also gaining exposure to innovative models from around the globe.  This annual Symposium precedes the annual Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) Summit.

Primary Audience

Leadership & staff of NGOs active in service to OVCs   |   Leaders of local OVC-related initiatives within developing nations   |   Leaders of U.S. churches and organization actively supporting OVC care globally   |   Leading researchers on OVC-related issues

Past Symposia Videos

OVC Symposium 2016

CAFO Community Content

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Best Care for Children Birth: Dr. Delia Pop

Training and Coming Alongside of Caregivers: Bruce Thomas

Using Neuroscience to Combat Early Adversity: Dr. Shannon Peake

Trauma-Informed Medical Care: Dr. Shannon Senefeld

Healing Trauma Through Peers: Dr. David Nowell

Empowering Children Through Healthy Living: Elisa Bachmann

How Trauma-Informed Practices can Improve the “Aging Out” Process in Child Welfare

Involving the Caregiver in Trauma Intervention: Kris Faasse

The Trauma-Informed Classroom: Dr. Amanda Howard

Transferred Learning - a Catalyst for Change: Ruby Johnston

The Power of Nurture Groups: Samantha Matthews

The Impacts of Trauma on the Developing Child

OVC Symposium 2014

CAFO Community Content

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Nutrition in Orphan Care: Dr. Dana Johnson

The Importance of Care Environments: Dr. Charles Nelson

Severe Deprivation - Risk & Recovery: Dr. Charles Zeanah

Does PEPFAR make a difference?: Dr. Jonathon Simon

Transitions to Adulthood in Africa: Dr. Julia Pryce

What is Quality OVC Care?: Professor Lori DiPrete Brown

Health and Well-Being in OVC: Dr. Paula Braitstein

Determining the Tangible Value of Your Program: William Wubbenhorst

Caring for Sexually Exploited Children: Dr. Judith Cohen

Resilience in Children affected by HIV/AIDS: Dr. Xiaoming Li

Economic Empowerment for AIDS-Orphaned Children: Dr. Fred Ssewemala

Helping Orphans Become S.A.F.E: Dr. Susan Hillis

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