CAFO Monthly Webinars

Wednesday, October 18 | 2:00pm (EST)

Rethinking Children’s Ministry: Creating an Environment of Felt Safety

Children’s ministry is perhaps the most vital ministry of the church.  It is why families come, why families stay, and unfortunately why families sometimes leave a church. We focus on the programs, curriculum, lights, and music that make a Children’s Ministry great but often forget the impact of making children feel safe, secure and loved. Feeling safe can go a long way towards helping them experience and accept God’s love.

This webinar will equip you with the information and tools needed to approach your Children’s Ministry staff and help them understand what it means to provide felt safety for children, exploring the impact that traumatic childhood experiences can have on the diverse population of children in your ministry.

Presented By: Ryan & Kayla North, Tapestry Ministry: Irving Bible Church