Halfway between Cincinnati, Ohio and Louisville, Ky., lies the small town of Carrollton. Although only a little over 3,000 people call it home, for Justin Mosteller, Jeremy Menard, Michael Loy and Jordan Bailey it’s the town that’s shaped their brotherly bond, their music and their namesake. Justin and Jeremy live in Cincinnati, while Michael and Jordan call Louisville home. Carrollton provides a convenient meeting point for the band in between their shared hometowns and a respite from the demands of daily life.

Previously performing under the moniker Mosteller, Justin’s last name, the band went through more than 100 possibilities before landing on Carrollton. “We drive back and forth to rehearse and meet and write all the time, so Carrollton has become this really cool little exit for us and a special place,” he explains. “We’re halfway home, and we’re halfway to where we’re going, and it literally has become that sort of restful place.”

The members of Carrollton didn’t grow up playing together. Instead, their origin was providentially orchestrated in a more organic fashion. All four members began playing music and leading worship at church in high school. The band’s final line-up came together over the course of several years as Justin was introduced to each of the other guys through friends when he needed additional players to help him lead worship. “We all just love each other,” Jeremy shares. “So once it was the four of us, it just felt right. We loved playing together and hanging out with one another. Our hearts and passions for what we do were the same.”